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White HTC Sensation XE revealed, due Feb. 20 in the UK

Last week we saw that HTC's planning to launch a white HTC Sensation in parts of Europe from the beginning of next month, and now it seems its big brother, the Sensation XE, will also be getting a fresh coat of paint.

UK retailer Clove Technology sends word that it'll be stocking a white version of the Sensation XE from Feb. 20, with SIM-free prices coming in at £408 (~$640). The Sensation XE, which first launched towards the end of 2011, is a refresh of the original Sensation. It's got a faster 1.5GHz dual-core CPU (up from 1.2 in the original), a larger battery and Beats Audio support, complete with bundled earphones. While the dimensions are the same, the XE comes with red accents and Beats branding, which we have to admit looks a lot better on the white version than it did on the original grey model.

With HTC expected to launch a range of new handsets just a week later, we're not sure whether too many people will be lining up to part with £400 for Sensation XE. But if you do, you'll be getting a pretty powerful dual-core phone, with an ICS update on the way in the months ahead.

Source: Clove Technology

Alex Dobie
Alex Dobie

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • White doesn't suit this one. It only worked cos of the black and red accents
  • Meh.can't wait until HTC announces some new devices
  • This comment is nothing new, but the U.S. just gets the shaft when it comes to HTC products (or any brand for that matter). I think this Beats audio variant looks so much better than Verizon's black brick of a phone called the Rezound.
  • I like the looks of this phone.
  • "HTC today affirms its position as the low def, small screen leader." Said HTC, "We intend to cling to the past like a drowning man."
  • I could never get myself to buy a phone with beats advertising.
  • I have the black one, (already rooted of course) and I have to say it is an awesome phone. Those who dismiss Beats as a gimmick clearly don't have it on their phone because the sound through the Beats headphones is awesome. The rest of the phone is pretty great too.
  • I wasn't a believer in beats until I Listen to music on my wife's rezound,it is in a word amazing ......and the phone is pretty awesome too..I will have to check HTC out when it comes time for my next upgrade .....for know I love my droidx2 it fits my needs.
  • Listened to Beats on a friends Rezound and loved it. Listened to the same song on my rooted Evo 3D with "Volume+(Sound Boost) and a ten dollar set of over-ear headphones from the dollar store and got the same results, with minor tweaking of course. I'm not hating on Beats, I just found that there are alternatives.