Whistle, maker of activity tracker for dogs, acquired by Mars Petcare

Whistle, the maker of a GPS tracker and activity monitor for dogs, has been acquired by Mars Petcare. Speaking to TechCrunch, Whistle confirmed that it has indeed joined Mars' pet divison:

"Whistle is excited to join the Mars Petcare family. This opportunity connects the industry's global and technology leaders, enabling a new era of pet care," the company tells TechCrunch. "Mars Petcare and Whistle shared a core belief around the importance of pets in our lives, and we look forward to connecting nutrition, healthcare, and technology to improve the lives of pets and their families."

According to the report, Mars Petcare purchased Whistle in February for more than $100 million — though Whistle did not confirm the figure.

For those unfamiliar with Whistle, the company makes what has been called the "Fitbit for dogs." Its activity tracker and GPS monitor can be attached to a dog's collar, from which it then reports activity time, types of activity and more to a connected Android or iOS app.