Which phones does the DJI Osmo Pocket work with?

DJI Osmo Pocket
DJI Osmo Pocket

Best answer: The DJI Osmo Pocket works with iPhone as well as Android phones with the help of a USB-C connector, but with the right cable or adapter you can also hook up a phone with Micro-USB.

Works with iOS and Android

Included with the Osmo Pocket in the box are magnetic connectors for both USB-C and Lightning ports, for hooking up either an Android phone or an iPhone directly. Unfortunately, there's no wireless connection involved without buying the additional wireless module from DJI.

DJI also makes a point of including a little note that the Osmo Pocket doesn't support Micro-USB, but that doesn't tell the whole story.

Use with Micro-USB with a workaround

With either a USB-C to Micro-USB cable or an adapter like the Apple USB-C to USB dongle, you can use the Osmo Pocket with a Micro-USB device.

It won't necessarily work with all devices, and you'll still need a good quality Micro-USB cable, but you can definitely get the two working together.

Either way, if you're purchasing to use exclusively with a Micro-USB mobile device know that you aren't guaranteed support.

Requires iOS 10 or Android 5.0

To get the most from the Osmo Pocket, including access to some of its shooting modes like pano or motion lapse, as well as updating the firmware, you need to use it with your phone and the Mimo companion app.

Thankfully, it supports software versions back to iOS 10 and Android 5.0, so even older iPhones will be able to hook up to the Osmo Pocket.

Also compatible with iPad and Android tablets

The Osmo Pocket is also compatible with the iPad and Android tablets, connecting either through the magnetic dongles or via a cable from the USB-C port on the base.

However, the app isn't optimized for tablets on either platform. The experience is also a little worse on the iPad.

On Android tablets, the Mimo app at least scales to fit the screen as if it were just a very large phone. This doesn't happen on the iPad, so you'll either use it incredibly small or without filling the display. For folks who want more screen to work with though, the option is at least there.

Richard Devine