Which color Google Pixel should you get?

Google is offering three different color choices for the Pixel and Pixel XL, and their names are a bit silly. Very Silver, Really Blue, and Quite Black (Pretty self-explanatory). The hard part may be deciding which of the colors you should order, but we've got you covered. There are a few reasons why you may pick one of the colors over the others, so let's take a look and see which may be best for you.

Will it be a blue, black or silver Pixel that makes its way into your pocket this year? Let's see how they differ and which you may be most interested in!

Who should get the Quite Black Pixel?

Pixel black front

Black Pixel Back

Black Pixel Side

If you want a black front on your phone, then Quite Black is your default choice. This is the only one of the three colors that offers the dark front and the others are white. On the back, he black offers a nice matte color on the bottom, with a shiny black glass at the top, and the two tones contrast each other nicely.

With a black phone, just about any case or skin you pick up will match, making it easy to swap them out without worrying how they will look on your phone. All of the colors you can imagine will go with it, and you can brighten it up with a vibrant wallpaper and case, or black it out with a dark wallpaper, depending on your preference. In addition, Quite Black is the best color if you are interested in Daydream because it doesn't reflect light.

If you are looking for a phone that stands out a bit but blends in as well, the Quite Black may be the best bet for you.

Who should get the Very Silver Pixel?

Pixel Silver

Pixel Silver Back

Pixel Silver Side

Silver is a pretty neutral color, and the Very Silver is a great option for those who want something elegant that goes with pretty much everything available. It has a white front and a two-tone gray back and is definitely the least flashy of all the options. Being neutral isn't always a bad thing because it allows you to dress the phone up or down depending how you feel. Just be aware of how the white bezels will stand out when you're trying to concentrate on the screen — they definitely reflect light a bit more than the black model.

With the silver, you can add nearly any case to it that you want and it will look great. Silver is a timeless color that will never go out of style and you aren't likely to regret making the safe choice for your phone.

If you don't want your phone to stand out too much but still look nice and professional, the Very Silver is likely the option you will want to gravitate towards.

Who should get the Really Blue Pixel?

Blue Pixel Front

Pixel Blue back

Pixel Blue side

This is the boldest of the Pixel colors, so if you want to stand out this is the one to go for. Many believe they should pick the newest color so that people will be able to easily see that they have the latest phone, and the Really Blue will do just that.

The phone has a white front (same as Very Silver) and a bright blue back to it, but it is currently only available in a 32GB storage configuration. If you are looking for the 128GB of storage, blue is out of the question, unfortunately. 32GB is enough for many, but you'll want to consider your personal use to see if that will be enough to hold you over before you order it just to have the blue.

It's also technically a "limited edition" color, so there's that extra bit of pizzazz. Because Google has it listed as a limited edition color, it may not be available as long as the others. If you like the idea of having something that is limited edition, be sure to go with the Really Blue!

Still undecided?

If you can't make up your mind, hop in the forums to see what others are ordering and why — it may help you in your decision!

Jared started off writing about mobile phones back when BlackBerry ruled the market, and Windows Mobile was kinda cool. Now, with a family, mortgage and other responsibilities he has no choice but to look for the best deals, and he's here to share them with you.
  • Smurfberry here. Only concern is storage size. But is workable.
  • So the most expensive option in the US costs $869 which translates to £699. But in UK it costs £816?! That's $1011 for a frigging Google phone in UK. Da faq??
  • U think thats bad? It's $1141 here in India
  • 20% VAT is partly to blame :(
  • Blue
  • Blue. I want the blue. I need the blue
  • I like the blue but I am not adventurous enough. It says limited edition as well and is sold out so who knows if there will be any more.
  • Quite Black I have a soft spot for black phones.
  • Me too, I ordered the quite black, black especially on the front of the phone just looks better when consuming any media or games to me.
    White sticks out to much.
  • Once you go black, you never go back
  • Quite Black for me as well. Aside from just looking better when viewing content, I've always thought black phones were pretty sharp.
  • By now you will have realized its not black but dark gray.
  • I want the blue myself, but I'm incredibly disappointed that it doesn't come with a black front.
  • I agree. With a black front and that blue back the phone would look even sexier.
  • Blue with black front would be my choice.
  • Same
  • White front is quite ugly
  • i would have bought the black one but my wife like the white front so i got her that
  • Quite black for me
  • At this price I would go for the Absolutely Not
  • Damn straight
  • Right on Gilberto... The new Asus Zen Phone 3 Deluxe kicks the arse out of this phone for HALF the price!
  • Lol Sent from my Sony Xperia X Compact
  • #expensivephonesmatter
  • None of the above.
  • Blue. It matches the color of my Jeep
  • Ive never seen a Jeep that blue!
  • Neither have I, but Chrysler does have Brilliant Blue which replaced the darker Electric Blue. Brilliant blue is pretty close to this phone's blue. Funny fact: The Ford F150 Raptor is available in a color similar to Electric Blue because of my son. He worked at the Ford assembly plant as a line leader, and he was asked by the line engineers to assemble a Raptor so they could refine the assembly techniques before the vehicle was put into production. When he was finished and they were done taking notes, they asked him what color he wanted them to paint it, and he said "Electric Blue" in honor of me and a PT Cruiser that I had modified for road-course racing. The engineers laughed at him picking a Chrysler color, but they gave him his wish, and the first Raptor built at the Rouge assembly plant was painted to match my former track car. It's retired from racing and my wife drives it now, but the car is still in the family.
  • White front is horrible in VR.
  • Have to be black, cause no way in hell am I going to have a phone with a white face. But I'm not getting any of them though.
  • I would get the Blue but it doesn't come with the 128 option so... I always get a black phone by default so this time around the silver but wondering if I should have just stuck with the black....
  • I would have gotten the blue if it had a blue front. I settled for silver as like Jared said it was the least offensive and I usually like to alternate colors and I have a black 5X now.
  • Being able to buy any of them would be nice.
  • Finance buddy
  • That's how people get into trouble.
  • Black with Quite a discount..
    or Silver Very cheap..
  • Black
  • Is this article necessary? Just get the color you like. It's that simple.
  • Maybe some people needed help to consider the faces (white/black) or storage options and availability (like blue's limited edition).
  • No. Nobody needed that help. If they seriously did, then they needed much, much more help than that.
  • The article is more necessary than your comment
  • I can't help but think that whoever came up for the names for these colors watched too many Doge memes on the internet.
  • I'mma get the Pretty Neither version
  • That blue is hideous to me. I liked some of the metallic lighter blue phones produced recently but I hate the blue chosen for the Pixel.
  • For me, it's not the actual color. It's the two tone contrast that's disturbing and gawd awful ugly.
  • Who should get the Really Blue Pixel?
    Six year olds.
  • Agreed, the blue does seem quite playful. Fun, phones should be serious and elegant. Lol, said no one.
  • Is there a reason phone faces HAVE to be black or white? That blue would look so much nicer if it was blue all the way around.
  • Yes, the colors would contrast awfully with what's on the screen. You need neutral colors for contrast.
  • Pre ordered the black pixel from PC world. Can't wait.
  • If I was buying it, definitely silver.
  • Your avatar is awesome.
  • I have to go Quite Black as Really Blue was sold out right after the press event ended. Reason for Quite Black? Because I am a little goth kid in the inside of a very dark color palette lady. That and neon colors look better against black than white/pale silver. I am aware I will still have issues finding my phone when it falls into my laundry while folding.
  • Goth's fold laundry? J/K. ;)
  • Crazy idea: buy the one you like.
  • Don't talk that nonsense around here. If everyone just did what they want, AndroidCentral wouldn't be able to tell people what color of phone they should get, or what phone they should get, or what storage capacity they should get, or which size of Pixel they should get, and that would result in less nonsense articles and less clicks and less advertising revenue.
  • Stop making sense!!! It's too early in the morning for this ****!!
  • Why in the HELL did they not offer the Blueberry version with 128G??? What was/is Google's thinking here?
  • I've been saying that about google for years now....
  • Black phones matter
  • All phones matter. Except for iPhones. We can do without those.
  • Cheaper phones matter
  • Wanted the blue but went with black because wanted the 128 GB version.
  • Undecided between ****** white and boring black. Will have to see in person to finalize decision.
  • Is "none" an option?
  • *spoiler alert* Not blue
  • How about classic silver aluminum and black glass. Meh....had to get black to get the front black...can't stand the white Glass on the front
  • Black. I case my phones anyway. Going to wait on actual use reports on battery life to decide between the Pixel and the XL, and on Verizon's influence on "their" phone before I decide on which vendor.
  • Any word on a nice red? Especially since it'll be available at Verizon only. I will hold out a little to see for red. If not, then I'll get blue and then get a black dbrand skin for the front. It's only like $3 anyway.
  • Blue looks interesting. Sent from my Sony Xperia X Compact
  • I don't know what i'm missing. But that blue phone is absolutely atrocious.
  • blue one is nice but 32GB and no sd card? oh oh How much is this, 399$ ?
  • I like the quite black one.
  • Blue looks awful. I would prefer black, but silver is fine.
  • Quite black of course. And I contacted Nillkin to build a wireless charging case, and they agreed. So that's nice. :)
  • I'd be happy with any color.
  • None. This is a bag of fail. So many bad decisions on this device. Google has become Apple this week. Shocked to be saying this.
  • Well, Quite Black will be my choice tho, Black lover here~
  • The Quite Black one should be renamed Not Quite Black as its actually dark grey. Don't mind the back but it bugs me that the bezel isn't the same color as the screen ie black.
  • Quite Black all the way!
  • I wanted the blue one but it was out a second after preorder and it looks like they didnt have a 128 Gig version. I got the Quite black.
  • Blue!
  • Do you guys think the blue color will chip like the black 6p did? It's over priced and not that special but I kind of want one.
  • I bought a silver XL. In my haste I thought the silver had a black front. At 2nd glance the silver has alot of white tones as well, more than I care for. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure I'll still love it, but I prefer the black front, especially for videos. I currently have a silver 6p and thought it'd be like that. Not going to cancel and reorder.
  • What I don't get is all of the phones have glossy screens. When I put a light behind me as I use my current black phone it acts almost as a mirror and I get just as much reflection as my wife's white phone. I don't understand why the white front would reflect more light than the black one when it's the glossy glass that is reflecting the light. I could understand this argument if the screens were matte but they aren't. Light reflecting off of a black, glossy surface will still be super distracting.
  • Huh, never thought about it that way... I imagine white still reflects more light back and might alter our perception of on screen contrast tho, in addition to the far more distracting reflections. I almost went black because I've never had an AMOLED phone and seeing the screen melt into the bezel is just kinda cool, but I've also had way too many black phones so I went silver/white for once. Maybe I should've just gone black as I'll likely slap a case on it anyway, but black phones on translucent TPU cases also seem to highlight every speck of dust and lint that gets trapped in between.
  • I wish they added a gold color scheme or even a nice shade of burgundy. Hopefully they will, like they did with the 6p.
  • I wish they added a gold color scheme or even a nice shade of burgundy. Hopefully they will, like they did with the 6p.