The Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e are available in a variety of striking colors. Whether you need some help deciding which style is best for you, or you'd just like to see everything that's available, here are all the colors you can get for Samsung's latest phones.

Samsung Galaxy S10 in Prism Black

Basic black: Prism Black

Prism Black is available for the Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e pretty much everywhere you look. The back glass has a reflective black paint job that we've seen a hundred times before, but that doesn't stop it from looking any less classy. The frame of the phone is covered in that same black color to tie the whole look together.

Samsung Galaxy S10 in Prism White

Simple with a twist: Prism White

Prism White offers a good balance of flashy style without overdoing it. The soft white back glass is easy on the eyes, but depending on how surrounding light reflects off of it, you'll see subtle hues of blue and pink. Similar to Prism Black, it's available for the Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e on all carriers and for the unlocked model.

Samsung Galaxy S10

I'm blue: Prism Blue

Prism Blue will be available for the Galaxy S10, S10+, and the S10e. It looks similar to the blue color found on the Galaxy S9, albeit a tad brighter and more punchy. In addition to the blue on the glass back, the frame also gets a baby blue-like coat of paint to complete the aesthetic.

Samsung Galaxy S10 in Flamingo Pink

So vibrant: Flamingo Pink

Just like the name suggests, Flamingo Pink looks a lot like the bright pink color you'd find on a real-life flamingo. It's warm, pleasing to look at, and readily available for all models of the Galaxy S10 for every carrier and unlocked.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 in Prism Green

Mesmerizing: Prism Green

Prism Green is easily one of the most eye-catching colors you can get for the Galaxy S10, featuring a deep blue/green glass back that's one of the most gorgeous colorways Samsung's concocted to-date. It's not one of the most popular colors, but it sure is pretty.

Samsung Galaxy S10e in Canary Yellow

Bright as the sun: Canary Yellow

Canary Yellow is certainly the brightest and punchiest color Samsung is offering for the S10, and no matter your opinion on it, you can't deny that it really does grab your attention in an instant. Samsung's reserving its Canary Yellow color exclusively for the more affordable Galaxy S10e.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 in Ceramic Black

The exclusive choice: Ceramic Black

If you really want to make sure you have a Galaxy S10 that looks like no one else's, you'll want to consider getting Ceramic Black. Available exclusively for the larger Galaxy S10+, this finish swaps out the S10's usual glass back and replaces it with a premium ceramic one. This ups the price by a large margin, but damn does it look great.

Samsung Galaxy S10 in Ceramic White

Pure and simple: Ceramic White

The other ceramic colorway that Samsung's offering is Ceramic White. This is essentially the same as Ceramic Black, save for the fact that the black color has been replaced with a pure white one. The white here is a lot cleaner than Prism White, but just like Ceramic Black, Ceramic White can only be purchased if you get the S10+.

Galaxy S10 in Prism Black

Samsung Galaxy S10+ familySource: Android Central

Who is it for?

While I'm a big fan of all the funky colors/designs we've been seeing in smartphones over the last couple of years, those bold looks aren't for everyone.

If you'd rather your phone fade into the background rather than stand out from the crowd, Prism Black is the way to go. It's an attractive color for sure, but it also doesn't try anything new or exciting. For some buyers, that's exactly what they're looking for.

Galaxy S10 in Prism White

Samsung Galaxy S10+Source: Android Central

Who is it for?

People hoping for a pure white color may be disappointed with Prism White, but we really dig the whole aesthetic Samsung's going for here.

Compared to Prism Black and some of the other colors being offered, Prism White sits in a nice middle area of having a unique sense of style without being too flashy.

This will likely be another default choice for a lot of buyers.

Galaxy S10 in Prism Blue

Samsung Galaxy S10eSource: Android Central

Who is it for?

Unlike Prism Black and Prism White, Prism Blue is a color that very clearly makes you stand out in a sea of generic, boring-looking phones.

Samsung's dabbled with blue colorways on its phone for a couple of years now, but Prism Blue may be its best version yet. It's easy on the eyes, and gives the S10 a truly unique look.

Galaxy S10 in Flamingo Pink

Samsung Galaxy S10 in Flamingo PinkSource: Joe Maring / Android Central

Who is it for?

Similar to another color we'll get to in just a little bit, Flamingo Pink is a style that people will either love or hate. Its overly bright and colorful nature may be incredibly appealing to some people, but to others, it could be seen as a tad garish.

No matter your personal opinion of the color, it's great to see Samsung trying such bold styles with its U.S. customer base.

Galaxy S10 in Prism Green

Galaxy S10+Source: Android Central

Who is it for?

Prism Green is the color to get if you're not really impressed with Prism Blue or Flamingo Pink. It's a truly stunning color to look at that manages to be more unique than a "generic" blue or pink color.

Galaxy S10 in Ceramic White / Ceramic Black

Galaxy S10 in Ceramic Black and Ceramic WhiteSource: Android Central

Who is it for?

These two colors are for someone that wants an exclusive, premium look for their S10. In addition to being more expensive since you have to splurge for the S10+ over the regular S10, you'll also pay a premium for the ceramic finish instead of one of the glass colors.

Those price barriers will likely keep a lot of people from splurging for Ceramic White and Ceramic Black, but for people that have the funds to afford them, that'll just make them even more desirable.

Galaxy S10 in Canary Yellow

Samsung Galaxy S10e in Canary YellowSource: Android Central

Who is it for?

If you have a fun, easy-going, bright personality, there's a good chance Canary Yellow will be the color you're drawn to.

No, it's not the most sophisticated option, but it's extremely colorful and even more of an intense yellow than Apple's iPhone XR.

Our pick

Samsung Galaxy S10

Galaxy S10

A premium device inside and out.

To no one's surprise, the Galaxy S10 is an absolute powerhouse that's deserving of your time and money. From its stunning AMOLED display, in-screen fingerprint sensor, and three rear cameras, the S10 has something for everyone.


Samsung Galaxy S10+

Galaxy S10+

The biggest and baddest S10 you can get.

The Galaxy S10+ takes the already-great S10 and turns it up to 11. The screen is larger, the battery is bigger, and you get two front-facing cameras instead of one. It may be overkill for some people, but for others, it's a dream come true.

The affordable option

Samsung Galaxy S10e

Galaxy S10e

An S10 that you can actually afford.

The S10 and S10+ are great, but they're also terribly expensive. If you want most of the experience they offer for less money, get the S10e. You still get a great AMOLED display, incredibly fast Snapdragon 855 processor, trusty dual rear cameras, and a lot more.

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