Which Chromebooks support Thunderbolt 4?

Acer Chromebook 514
Acer Chromebook 514 (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

Best answer: Two Chromebooks, the new Acer Chromebook Spin 713 (model CP713-3W) and Acer Chromebook 514 (model CB514-1W), support Thunderbolt 4 with two ports on the left side.

Two refreshed Chromebooks support Thunderbolt 4

The Acer Chromebook Spin 713 is one of the best Chromebooks you can get, and this year it got a refresh. Though the model remains largely the same as its predecessor, there are two notable differences. First, its processor has been upgraded to the 11th Gen Intel Core series, and, second, its USB-C ports have been replaced by Thunderbolt 4. These two ports are located on the same side, meaning that some of the best Thunderbolt 4 hubs and Mac-designed docking stations are now compatible. Likewise, the updated Acer Chromebook 514, which will be released later this summer, also comes with two convenient Thunderbolt 4 ports.

What's special about Thunderbolt 4?

Acer Chromebook 514 Lifestyle

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Thunderbolt ports have been showing up on select Windows laptops and Macs for a while now, and having one on a Chromebook brings its own set of advantages. Like Thunderbolt 3, the latest Thunderbolt technology uses a USB-C connector to provide faster data transfers, external display support, and the ability to charge lightweight devices under 100W, all from one port.

Connecting your Chromebook to all of your devices is easier with the help of Thunderbolt 4, which is not only capable of quick 40Gbps data transfers but also has better video-output support. It even welcomes the possibility of connecting two 4K monitors (or one 8K monitor) to your laptop. Also, Thunderbolt 4's PCle bandwidth has improved from 16Gbps to 32Gbps, resulting in faster connections with external peripherals such as an SSD drive for extra storage or a GPU for a high-quality gaming experience.

Why do I need Thunderbolt 4 on my Chromebook?

Most of the top docking stations available today use Thunderbolt since it supports the highest data transfer speeds. Because of this, having Thunderbolt support on your new Chromebook can significantly improve your docking station experience over other USB-C Chromebooks. With the support of Thunderbolt, the Chromebook Spin 714 and the Chromebook 514 are both compatible with a broader range of external drives and accessories. It's a great way to kick your workstation up a notch with more flexibility and higher performance.

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