After Samsung's showstopper, the next big new phone of 2016 comes from LG, with its G5. LG's 2016 flagship arrives a little earlier in the year this time around, arriving a few weeks after the Galaxy S7.

Orders are now open for the LG G5 in the UK, so if you're looking to pick one up here's where you'll find it.

Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse has the advantage of being able to deal with not only SIM free purchases but also new contracts and upgrades across EE, O2 and Vodafone as well as its own iD network. Not only is it a great place to compare carriers it's also a great place to score a deal.

Often Carphone Warehouse will do a better value deal than the actual carrier would on the same network. One deal that immediately stands out is the 11GB of data for £36 a month offering on Vodafone with a £59.99 up front cost and a free pair of B&O Play earbuds thrown in.

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If you're looking for a contract free option, you'll be able to pick one up for £499.99 and shipping should commence for April 1.

See at Carphone Warehouse


If you're not interested in contracts at all, Amazon UK will happily sell you a new LG G5. There's no price difference over Carphone Warehouse at this time, so you'll be looking at a £499.99 outlay.

Shipping is, however, not expected until April 8.

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Vodafone's best deal might well be found elsewhere, but the carrier has opened up pre-orders directly for the LG G5 on all of its most popular bundles. With upfront costs starting at just £9, you can snag a G5 with up to 25GB of data for a £55 monthly outlay.

You'll also get the same B&O Play earbuds thrown in, but only if you're in the first 2,000 pre-orders. Valued at £150, they're a decent bonus prize, especially if you plan to pick up the audio module with the same logo on it.

See at Vodafone


O2 refresh is a great option for someone looking to get a new phone on a monthly plan, but also doesn't want to be left with paying up the full amount to end early. It splits the cost of the phone from the tariff, so you only need to pay that off before going elsewhere.

At the time of writing, O2 hasn't opened up pre-orders. The phone will be available on the carrier, though, with an email signup at present.

See at O2


EE is offering not only the B&O earphones that others are, but for pre-order customers the carrier is throwing in a speaker as part of the audio package to make the most of your music.

Upfront costs start at £9.99 with data allowances all the way up to an impressive 50GB if you're OK handing over £79.99 a month. Back down the scale you'll be able to get a decent 4GB for £39.99.

See at EE


Clove is often a good source to pick up an unlocked phone and the LG G5 is no exception. The price is a little higher than Carphone Warehouse, however, at £529. For that you get the earbuds thrown in like so many other retailers, and you'll get a £30 voucher to spend on some LG Friends.

Clove will start shipping the G5 on April 8.

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Unlocked Mobiles

The cheapest outright price for the LG G5 on this list (just) belongs to Unlocked Mobiles. You can grab one for £498.98 with the B&O earbuds in two colors with the phone shipping in time for April 1.

See at Unlocked Mobiles

If you find a deal on an LG G5 somewhere in the UK that we haven't featured be sure to let us know about it in the comments below.

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