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Now more than ever, it's important to practice good hygiene and to combat germs as effectively as possible. One of the best tools for this job is a package of Lysol/Clorox wipes, but thanks to ongoing fears over the Coronavirus, cleaning products like these disinfectant wipes are becoming more and more difficult to find.

Amazon is often the go-to retailer for cleaning products, but right now, it's not the best place to look. Stock is basically nonexistent at this point, with bottles of Lysol selling for over $200 and Clorox going as far as to pull its advertising from Amazon as a result of the temporary outages.

Thankfully, you aren't completely out of luck. If you're out of Lysol wipes and need to buy more, you have a few different options worth considering. We don't recommend buying more than you need as to not further contribute to the limited availability, but if you want to buy reasonable amounts at a time, here are the stores we recommend.

Shop Lysol wipes at Walmart

Walmart is one of the most recognizable retailers on the planet, and if you're looking to refill your Lysol wipes supply, it's a good place to check out. Stock for Walmart's online shopping is depleted right now, but chances are your local store has you covered. You can go to the store and buy the wipes in-person, or utilize Walmart's free pickup service that allows you to order wipes through the app/website and then pick them up at your local store — often that same day.

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Walmart's online inventory is nonexistent at the moment, but your local store is an excellent resource to check for buying Lysol wipes. Make sure you use the free pickup service for added convenience!

Shop Lysol wipes at Target

Target is another great option for buying Lysol wipes, but also similar to Walmart, online inventory is scarce at the moment. If there's a local Target near where you live, it's a good idea to pop in and see what's on offer. The Target app should be able to give you a heads up on what current inventory looks like for those stores, and thanks to in-store pickup and a free Drive Up service where orders are brought straight to your car for free, Target is one of the best places to shop at if you're running short on time.

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Target's online inventory for Lysol wipes is also low, but with plenty of stores all across the U.S., your local Target is worth checking out. The Drive Up feature is also handy, allowing you to have your wipes brought out to your car at no extra cost.

Shop Lysol wipes at Walgreens

Walgreens is best-known as a pharmacy, but it also has plenty of beauty, personal care, and cleaning products available to purchase. And, yes, that includes Lysol wipes. Just like with Walmart and Target, online availability is very limited. Local Walgreens stores are definitely worth a look, though, and you can use Walgreens' "Find at a store" tool on its website to check in-store inventory without having to leave the house.

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While you're at Walgreens picking up your prescription, it's also worth seeing if your local store has any Lysol wipes available. With the company's online tool, you can check store inventory from the comfort of your home.

Shop Lysol wipes at Office Depot

Office Depot may not be the first store that comes to mind when you need to buy Lysol wipes, but it's actually one of the better resources out there at the moment. Being a store that primarily caters to businesses/offices, a lot of the Lysol wipes sold at Office Depot come in bulk. That means you'll pay more upfront, but in the end, you should get a pretty good deal. Office Depot is out of stock for its online storefront, but checking your local establishment is worth a shot.

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Office Depot

Have an Office Depot near you? With bulk offerings of Lysol wipes available, this is a great store to turn to if you have a large family or want to share Lysol wipes with friends that also need them.

Inventory for Lysol wipes is changing all the time at these stores, and as such, we'll be sure to update this article with new information as it becomes available. Stay safe and healthy out there!

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