Where to buy the BlackBerry KEYone

The BlackBerry KEYone is on sale now, and it's available just about anywhere you'd want to buy it. The pricing is a notch below what you'd expect to pay for other flagship phones, which is nice, but really we know you're considering the KEYone for one main reason: that hardware keyboard.

If the keyboard entices you, we have all of the places where you can buy the KEYone across the U.S., Canada, UK and Germany.

United States


United Kingdom


Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Sweet!
  • Article should be shortened to 'nowhere' since they're unavailable now.
  • I've been trying to buy one unlocked in Canada. Telus won't sell me one because my account isn't a business account, and the other guys won't sell me one because I'm not one of their customers :( grr
  • I'll probably pick this up
  • Take My Money! Glad it's finally here.
  • You have like 20. Lol. Save some for the rest of us, Kevin.
  • No telus
  • BlackBerry still makes phones?
  • TCL*
  • Oh no. One of these guys.
  • Yep just like there's still 8==D heads in the comment section.
  • Does that mean that the carriers will or won't carry it?
  • This is my exact concern.
  • All major Canadian carriers will carry it.
  • they need to get it to Tmobile, I can't wait.....
  • From what I've heard both AT&T and Tmobile will not sell it, I head they didn't not meet the sale quota on the last phone, so BlackBerry will not let them carry the Keyone, stupid if you ask me.... I want that phone bad.
  • I wish Tmobile can work out a deal with BlackBerry to get the Keyone.
  • I like where blackberry is taking their designs
  • Best buy had it out today. Messed with it. Felt good in the hand.
  • That's what she said
  • LOL I did set myself up. She and I still stand by what we said.
  • I was thinking the same thing. Beat me to it. Lol
  • I always wanted bruce wayne deep inside me. I ordered this RIM job, if it don't fit right, if it don't feel right its gotta go
  • There's a Research in Motion joke somewhere in there.
  • Sounds like an erotic story lol
  • You can pre-order from Amazon right now.
  • Ordered!!!
  • Geez the phone already seems old and cdma versions have to wait longer. I'm happy this phone is out but the wait is ridiculous.
  • It looks like a nice phone. I hope they do well with this phone. It's good to have more choices for the consumer.
  • WoW for that price you nearly get two LG V20 with awesome specs&features. Too expensive...
  • Why buy another slab phones that has paper specs lol. Try real premium instead of worrying about specs that won't make any difference lol
  • Disappointed with the design.
    Looks literally very embarrassing The only change being the dual cameras.
    I thought they were going bezel less. https://jiji.ng/mobile-phones/infinix-zero-2-x509
  • Huh? Design is awesome. Doesn't look like every single other phone out there. It's beautiful. Keyboard is fantastic too.
  • The phone looks classic and more premium than most phones. It looks beautiful, maybe ur use to all slab phones that have same design every year lol
  • Amazon sold out of GSM and CDMA models within the first hour.
  • i think they never had the CDMA, the GSM some were able to order, but last night when it first showed up, only the GSM was available
  • I can not get it from Best Buy here in Atlanta. It is telling me not for 250 miles. Amazon now has 11 avail at $840. The $550 ones are sold out
  • Best Buy has the store listing, but no stock anywhere in Texas. I was ready to go for a drive today for it even. Take my money, PLEASE :/
  • I'm in San Antonio, would have loved to visit a local Best Buy to play with one, thanks for the info and saving me a trip 👌 Crackberry Kevin did I win the giveaway over at CB? 😁
  • I think shipments only started hitting them today. I just managed to order it online from Best Buy. Still no stores showing stock within range of me, but I'd suggest checking throughout the day on their site.
  • anyone know what amazons return policy on cell phones is? I seen exchange only, but that was from a couple years ago.
  • I've been able to return phones and tablets within 30 days and that's pretty recently
  • Do they have warranty?
  • The return of the PKB ⌨️ Sold out on first day on Amazon, impressive. Demand>supply 👌
  • Picked up mine today at Rogers...absolutely love it so far!
  • Out of stock already. Did they put out only 400 pieces of each model in inventory..??!
  • Is sold out at every bestbuy I went to, is time for tmobile, att and Verizon to put hate aside and sell the keyone. Is better than most phones in the store anyways and it looks and feels different from all the phones.
  • Tmobile not going to carry it,,,SAD....I don't have $550 cash for the phone, I was hoping to finance it through Tmobile