Where to buy the BlackBerry KEY2

The BlackBerry KEY2 isn't a smartphone for everyone, but for fans of the BlackBerry brand or those that just want to have their physical keyboard back, it's the go-to choice if you're buying a new phone in 2018.

If you are interested in getting a KEY2 for yourself, we've put together a guide of where exactly you can pick up the phone. We'll continuously update this as more info becomes available, but for now, let's jump right into it.








United States


Best Buy



Czech Republic








Electro World










South Korea







Media Markt










Axiom Telecom

Jacky's Electronics



Additional UAE retailers

  • Sharaf DG
  • EMAX
  • Virgin Mega Store
  • Carrefour
  • Etisalat
  • Plug Ins
  • Lulu




Additional KSA retailers

  • Carrefour
  • Virgin Mega Store
  • Lulu
  • Panda
  • STC
  • Extra



Carphone Warehouse

Unlocked Mobiles




BlackBerry Mobile EU Store

BlackBerry KEY2 Red Edition


BlackBerry Mobile EU Store





Best Buy

Updated July 11, 2019: Updated availability info.

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  • That unlocked price is ridiculous.
  • You aren't kidding! Way too much! Especially when you can get a Pixel 2 or S9 or an iPhone for that much!
  • Simple solution: Don't buy it .....Don't stress over it.
  • None of the devices mentioned have a physical keyboard nor the capabilities of the physical keyboard. For those who prefer said physical keyboard there is no competition at any price point. If this keyboard is similar to the BlackBerry 9900 or Classic there is going to be some very happy former BlackBerry users of which there are many.
  • Almost as ridiculous as thinking you can buy it for $99 without knowing the cost of the plan.
  • No carrier support in the US again. Sorry, pass.
  • No, one CANNOT buy a less efficient, poorer battery iPhone/iClone 'smartphone' for that price....what planet are you living on....? And YES the KEY2 IS a smartphone for everybody, and with the far superior physical keyboard is far more efficient than any iPhone/iClone out there. Everybody seems to have an opinion based on nothing more than how they 'feel' about something.....get real. The Key2 is a superior phone to an iPhone in numerous ways....oh, except it doen't come in lots of 'pretty' colors. How shallow-minded.
  • Yeah I hate when they say "for that price you can get iPhone, OnePlus etc..." when the KEY2 CLEARLY has the distinctive keyboard which no other smartphone can offer. This phone has no real competition
  • I agree totally.
  • You're right, it'll sell hundreds.
  • The KEYONE has sold over 1.2 million....and sales continue to rise. I suspect the KEY2 will surpass those numbers considerably. Everyone has a baseless opinion, as do you, and opinions can make one look extremely D-U-M-B.
  • 1.2 million compared to the over 200 million iPhones Apple will sell in a year makes the company basically irrelevant. The phone has specs that come in normally a sub $400 price range. I would love to buy the phone, but it is way overpriced.
  • @ an average of £550 for the KEYᵒⁿᵉ they would have made £660,000.000. That's over half a billion. Do the same with the key2 and they're creeping closer to a billion with the extra $100 added. You remain a hater while they get rich. Lol. It's all about the numbers silly.
  • If you value the keyboard and its added functions (fp sensor, trackpad, flick typing, swipe to delete, shortcuts, speed key) you'll buy it at $650. It's that simple.
  • Nothing about this phone and it's OUT DATED Keyboard is superior. Nobody is buying this thing.
  • Out-dated keyboard??? It's the best, fastest, most efficient KEYBOARD in production.
  • Ignorant.
  • Samsung (and a few others) try to sell customers on maximum power and stats, which is legit and forthright. Apple attempts to lure customers with pretty colors, pretty interface, a nice camera, and the name 'Apple' for the highest prices $$$$ in the industry (but with questionable quality and internals) because they prey on those who judge books on covers, shallow-minded, and 'sheep-mentality' of following someone else which is successful in the U.S. but not so much internationally. Meanwhile, Blackberry has the most efficient/productive device with its physical keyboard, best battery-life, speed functions, best security, a CPU/chip architecture that offers the most power while still retaining superior battery life - basically everything one needs, and nothing you don't for an easily justified price....Which smartphone would a 'smart'-person typically purchase...? There is a reason why Blackberry was the best in the industry for so many years - starting with the fact they were genuinely concerned that you received top-quality productivity and efficiency at a fair price. Give me a BlackBerry EVERY time.
  • The issue I have is they raised the price $100 over the keyone and here's what they're lacking: 1) Midrange specs for a price getting dangerously close to a high-end price point. I'm not arguing that you need a better processor, or that they're aren't benefits to battery life, but mid range processor should be a mid-range price. 2) Same. Exact. Screen. New year, new phone, new price, and no update to the screen. Considering the screen is one of the more expensive parts, I'll refer again to the price increase and what youre getting for it. 3) Gorrila Glass 3. GG5 is something like 8x more durable than 3, yet they opted to go for the cheaper stuff while upping the price. 4) No wireless charging. 5) No IP rating. Yes, I understand the keyboard makes this difficult, but they shouldn't be charging the same for a phone that does have this. 6) Capacitive buttons. It's 2018 - they couldn't have found a better solution? This is especially concerning considering the upcoming changes. For the price they're charging, they should've found a better solution. I would've rather some combination of on-screen + separate physical keys because at least then you have the potential to map them to something else in the future. The key2 is a safe phone, and I don't think it warrants an extra $100 over it's predecessor for all but the most diehard BB fans. Yes, it's the best physical keyboard out there, but they're pricing themselves out of mainstream adoption.
  • Your analysis is excellent. ^
  • Good points, all. I suspect the price increase over the KEYone is a direct result of the higher speed SDM660 & RAM increase, the dual camera, and the improved physical keyboard. People don't understand the impact and true power of that physical keyboard - it's costly, and it is far superior to a virtual keyboard, and I always laugh when I read someone's opinion/comments related to "I can't use a physical keyboard', or it's not comfortable, or some other lunacy that' in many cases is nothing more than the trying to 'bash the established norm' mindset. Also, there is the concept referred to as the 'margin of diminishing returns' which is impacting several of your points where the overall $cost$ of a perceived 'improvement' exceeds the relatively minuscule benefit. My Passport SE has Gorilla Glass and after 5 years it is still flawless - GGlass5, while nice isn't completely necessary, and it also erodes the overall profit margin of the device. There are A LOT of people worldwide who would like for BlackBerry to succeed, and success is measured by finances - GGlass3 helps the bottom line. Same issue with wireless charging - it costs more along with the Qualcomm835/845 chipsets that enable it. The SDM660 chip architecture in the KEY2 isn't necessarily mid-tier - in fact its much closer to the 835/845 specs than true mid-level components, but is more power efficient than the 835/845, and in my business opinion a really smart move. Not having to find phone power outlets every few hours is a luxury I enjoy, and on more than one occasion I've been using my Blackberry while watching those with iPhones whining and complaining about being unable to use their phone. I laugh, and don't feel one iota of pity for them either...
  • Lol @ Blackberry Fanboys
  • Glad to know there are still fans for blackberry. If it's a BB, I would prefer something like the Priv with a slideout keyboard. On screen keyboards are faster with swipe functionality for single hand use. The physical keyboard can be used as and when needed. That solution gives the best if both worlds. Would be glad to pay $600 for a Priv like new BB
  • There seriously isn't a version for VZW? That makes no sense.
  • No kidding, right.
  • Lol @fanboys of all stripes and those who rail against them. It's a phone. It's a great phone for those who want it. Same with iPhone or G9 or P2 or whatever. TCL can't compete on price given their lower production numbers compared to Samsung and Apple, and many understand that it is truly a first world problem to "have" to pay more for something they want. Imma let KeyTwo fans enjoy their new phone without crashing the party and ruining the place. Disclaimer: we have three BlackBerry phones in our household right now, two of which are the Keyone. Further Disclaimer : MY soon to be next phone will not be a BlackBerry. I've become phone agnostic. :)