When will the Moto G6 receive the Android Pie update?

Moto G6
Moto G6 (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

Best answer: The Moto G6 is in line to receive Android 9.0 Pie at some point in the first half of 2019, however, Motorola has not yet set a specific date or month yet.

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When will the Moto G6 get Android Pie?

Motorola has officially announced the Android 9.0 Pie update for the Moto G6. When Motorola originally announced support for Pie on its budget devices, the company noted the rollout would begin in the fall. Unfortunately, it seems Motorola began with its older devices, while Moto G6 owners will have to wait for rounds of soak testing to be done with a group of select beta testers.

Thankfully, it seems we could be nearing an impasse. Motorola has already released the soak test for Moto G6 Plus owners, and the beta firmware for the base Moto G6 model has already leaked.

That said, it's hard to tell when, exactly, Motorola will be ready to start shipping Pie. We know the company's updated deadline is a simple "mid-2019" declaration, but there's no exact rollout date to look forward to right now. We'd imagine the rollout will happen sooner rather than later, if the timing of the beta release is anything to go by.

This timeline is only guaranteed for unlocked versions of the Moto G6, including the Amazon Prime-exclusive model. Carrier-branded models of the Moto G6 will receive the update pending carrier approval and testing processes. You can keep tabs on Motorola's progress yourself by heading to its Software Upgrade page.

Can I install the Android Pie update right now?

If you wanted to, you could install Android Pie on your Moto G6 today. This is because the beta firmware has leaked and can be flashed on your device. We wouldn't recommend this option to beginners or for those who aren't too tech savvy.

If you're willing to take the chance, XDA user aaryon1596 has provided the beta file for you to download and install manually. The firmware is only compatible with the Moto G6 "Ali" model, and you'll need to make sure you're on the latest official Android Oreo firmware as a prerequisite. Head to the Settings > About Device menu on your phone to ensure you have the proper model and firmware.

But before you proceed, know that you're advancing at your own risk. We generally advise most users to wait for official, stable updates. Motorola, Android Central, nor anyone else bears no responsibility for what may happen to your device as a result of attempting to manually install any update, stable or otherwise. Make your decision and proceed with care and caution.

Quentyn Kennemer