What's the most you'll spend for the Galaxy Note 20?

Galaxy Note 20 Mystic Bronze
Galaxy Note 20 Mystic Bronze (Image credit: Samsung)

The Galaxy Note 20's announcement date is quickly approaching, and leading up to August 5, the rumor mill has continued to churn out new information about the phone. Most recently, we were tipped off to the Note 20's pricing in Europe.

According to this latest leak, the baseline Note 20 will start at €999 in Europe while the Note 20 Ultra will start at a whopping €1349. In other words, these are expected to be very expensive phones.

Some of our AC forum members got to talking about these increased prices, saying:

First let me say, I love my Note phone(s). I have had almost every Note since the Note 2. Every year I say I am not going to upgrade only to wind up upgrading. But for me it's finally coming to an end. I currently have the Note 10+ which is arguably one of the best phones of this past year. But for me with this pricing i have finally said I can't justify it any more. When i first bought my Note...


I hear ya. If I wasn't such a Note addict, I would probably keep my 10+ longer because it's the most complete phone I've ever had and there are no problems with it. The phone could last a long while longer - it's a really great phone and will continue to be a great phone even after the Note 20 arrives. I've made it a habit to move to the new Note every year and as long as I can still "justify"...


I'm in complete agreement with you. I have actually myself been thinking the exact same. I don't mind Sorenson money, but for small changes, at premium prices, I no longer really look at the note(like yourself after my 10+), as a good value for my coins. The foldable phones are now catching my eye. They're just missing a pen. But like the gentle lady stated, no reason to leave the forums. I...


I'm looking at a Fold 2 but doubtful that I'll part with my Note 10+. Thinking about trading in an S10e. Depending upon the N10+ trade in value, I could change my mind. I'm a little underwhelmed with the Note 20 Ultra buy I would still consider it. The Note 10+ has been one of the best phones ever for me. The prices are going up every year & will probably continue if we keep buying them. I...


Now, we want to hear from you — What's the most you'll spend for the Galaxy Note 20?

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