A gear bag can be an important part of any tech lover's kit; carrying around a bunch of cool electronics is easier (and safer) with a good place to stash it all. For me, it's a little different since I'm in a wheelchair. It means I can carry around a large bag that isn't for everyone, for example, and become the one-stop shop you need sometimes.

The BIG bag: Timbuk2 extra large-size Classic Messenger Bag

Staff pick

The largest size of Timbuk2's Classic Messenger Bag isn't for everyone, but if you need to carry around a lot of gear, this heavy-duty and waterproof beast of a satchel will accommodate you just fine. If you want something a little lighter, the smaller sizes are great, too.

$154 at Amazon

Extra protection zone: Koolertron Shockproof Camera Insert

Some gear needs a bit of extra padding, and the Koolerton Shockproof Camera Insert fits perfectly inside my bag. It's configurable and offers some extra protection from bumps and the odd collision.

$20 at Amazon

The Workhorse: Google Pixelbook

We loved the Pixelbook when it was first released and still love it just as much today. It's got good looks, capable internals, a gorgeous display, and offers a great typing experience. Plus, with frequent sales that pop up, there's never been a better time to buy.

$899 at Amazon

A Juicebox: Mophie Powerstation PD XL

Without power, most of the gizmos I love aren't very entertaining or productive. Mophie's Powerstation — I chose the one with 18-watt PD fast charging — makes sure I can keep going whenever I'm not around an outlet. The 10,050 mAh size means no hassle at the airport, too.

$80 at Amazon

Brain fuel: Sony MDR7506 Headphones

In a world where you can spend thousands on headphones, Sony proves you really don't have to with the MDR7506 headphones. They fit great, sound beautiful, and won't hurt your wallet.

$80 at Amazon

Everything sounds better: Fiio A3 Portable Headphone Amplifier

There's no telling what phone I might be carrying on any given day. I like my music to sound good, so I carry a portable DAC/Amp combo that drives my Sonys really well. Now I get to carry a mess of adapters around to ensure it works!

$60 at Amazon

Tangle-free living: BUBM Travel Organizer

I have Micro-USB cables. I have ISB-C cables. I have USB-A to USB-C cables. I have 3.5mm aux cables. On top of that, I have SD cards, thumb drives and other random junk that I'm forgetting. This little satchel is a lifesaver because it keeps it all organized.

$12 at Amazon

Mechanic in a bag: Allied Tools Mini Tool Kit

Wheelchairs are under a lot of strain all the time. That means things get loose or even break, so carrying around a basic set of tools is a smart idea. This kit from Allied has just what I need to tighten spokes or fix a sticky wheel.

$14 at Amazon

Blindingly bright: Anker Bolder rechargable flashlight

Turn night into day with this 400-lumen rechargeable LED torch. You can also use it at a lower and more sensible lower setting to see things like a keyhole or even use it as an emergency SOS strobe beacon if you ever need to be rescued. Never leave home without a flashlight.

$17 at Amazon

The OG Multi-tool: Case Trapper Pocket Knife

My dad gave me a Case Trapper two-blade pocket knife for my 10th birthday. One has been in my pocket — or my gear bag — ever since. You'll never know how handy a good pocket knife can be or how many things need to be cut until you start carrying one.

$38 at Amazon

Let there be light: SOI Handbag Light

This small disc sits in the bottom of my bag, and when it senses motion it lights up for a minute or two. It's simple, yet ingenious, and a great addition to any everyday carry bag.

$15 at Amazon

Back in my day: Field Notes Graph Paper

We all live most of our lives inside our phone or another portable device, but sometimes you need to use paper. I always carry a small field notes booklet filled with graphing paper with me in case I need to sketch something or write a note or two.

$10 at Amazon

Things are a bit different here

I'm in a wheelchair in case you didn't know. That can make for a lot of ... difficulties in daily life — stairs are my archnemesis, for instance. But when it comes to carrying around a bunch of gear it isn't so bad. A big bag like the Timbuk2 XXL Messenger or pack slung across the rear bars on my chair means I can carry a diverse selection of things that someone who had to actually carry around in a bag on their shoulder might not want to. I'm the guy to ask if you need a pair of pliers or a flashlight because these are the sort of things I carry around to take advantage of that extra weight limit.

Another thing I carry that's personal and one-of-a-kind is a good pen. How can a pen be one-of-a-kind you ask? Because I make them.

This is a zebrawood and titanium pen I'm finishing up for Mobile Nation's own Michelle Haag. I finally had enough good weather to spin up the lathe and finish the polishing, and it'll soon be in a box on the way to its new home. Then I get to start on another! And with the weather getting better, I'll be able to stuff some fishing tackle into the pockets on the outside and strap my travel rod to the chair just in case I get close enough to the water for a cast or two.

I'm OK being a one-man mobile wagon train who is always prepared.

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