What was your favorite era of Samsung Galaxy S phones?

Galaxy S6 and S9
Galaxy S6 and S9 (Image credit: Android Central)

Today, June 29, 2021, marks the 14-year anniversary of when the original Apple iPhone first went on sale. That day was obviously a watershed moment in mobile tech, something no one can deny at this point. Still, just as important for the wider smartphone world, June 29th also marks the 12-year anniversary of the launch of the first Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Samsung is a huge company that has had a massive impact and influence on the Android software and hardware community, and the Galaxy series, in particular, was the primary driver of that influence.

Twelve years is a long time to iterate on a smartphone line, and we've seen at least six different design generations during that period. From the squared-off, iPhone 4 like frame of the Galaxy S2 to the beautiful curves of the Galaxy S3. From the ground-breaking Nexus devices to the rather unattractive bandage back of the Galaxy S5.

Galaxy S5

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

Personally, I started to take notice of the Galaxy S phones beginning with the Galaxy S6, which is still one of the best-looking Samsung devices, at least in my opinion. I also recently used an Galaxy S9 again when trying out /e/OS, and loved the way that glass slab looked and fit in my hand perfectly. The Galaxy S10 lineup, with its horizontal camera housing and selfie camera cutouts, was a polarizing look for some, but I actually preferred it to the sea of sameness in the Android world at the time. And now, with the Galaxy S21 series, its stunning design with the camera housing built into the side rails has only further served to establish Samsung's distinct design language.

So what about you? Do you have a favorite Galaxy S phone or era of Galaxy S phones?

Jeramy Johnson

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  • I've only owned one Galaxy S phone and that was the S3. I moved on to the Galaxy Note Edge and now have the Note 10 Plus. But I thought that the shape of that phone, almost shaped like a skipping stone, was really cool. But I do like the S9 series of rounded glass. The camera was in the top middle portion of the phone. At least you didn't have the humongous camera bump that is the ruling design language today.
  • I love my S21 Ultra, but I previously had an S9+. I miss the MST and the microsSD expansion of the S9+. But at least I was able to get one of the 512gb S21 Ultras.
  • I had a S7 plus and now have a S10 plus. Love them both. Plan to get the S22 plus next year.
  • I had the S2 Skyrocket and the S3 and S4. The S3 was my favorite. At the time I thought it the most beautiful phone I'd ever seen in that midnight blue color.
  • I liked the S2 so much, I ended up buying three of them over time.
  • I always preferred and bought the Galaxy Note, but the Super Amoled Plus screen on the Galaxy S II introduced me to OLED. My favorite S series phone though was the S7 Edge.
  • I would say the S10; but the one that caught fire was great for starting the campfire. :-)
  • S4 Google Play Edition. So little cruft...
  • I've had an S1 and S2 but no Samsung phones since then only tablets.
  • The S20 was the best Samsung Galaxy S phone for me or the S10.