What TVs work with DeX in wireless mode?

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Wireless Dex
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Wireless Dex (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

Best answer: DeX wireless works with a good number of TVs from Samsung and other brands like LG, Sony, TCL, and more. You just want to be sure you have an appropriate model number.

What is DeX in Wireless Mode?

TV DeX mode has been around since 2017, but it has required wires to connect — that is, until now. Samsung introduced wireless DeX Mode on the Samsung Note 20 and Samsung Note 20 Ultra.

If you aren't familiar with DeX, it gives you a version of a full-fledged desktop in palm of your hand that can be utilized on a larger screen such as a monitor or TV. Thanks to Samsung and a technology called Miracast, this productivity miracle is now a reality without the wires.

What is Miracast?

Many people are familiar with sending things from their phone to a tv using Chromecast, and Miracast works similarly. Introduced by the Wi-Fi Alliance in 2012, the technology allows you to send everything from audio to movies wirelessly from one certified device to another. There is a wide range of products that utilize Miracast for various functions ranging from car audio head units to speakers and phones to televisions. It's in the latter that DeX in wireless mode happens.

Complete list of TVs that support DeX in Wireless Mode

Though Samsung smart TVs may integrate with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 devices more smoothly, Miracast is a technology available for many television manufacturers — and there are a lot of TVs that support it. Many televisions include the necessary Wi-Fi to accommodate Miracast, but not all smart TVs are certified for it. These are the smart televisions that support Miracast and DeX in wireless mode.

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ManufacturerProduction Year
Samsung2012 - current
LG2012 - current
Sony2012 - current
TCL2014 - current
Philips2013 - current
Sanyo2015 - current
Hisense2018 - current
Sharp2013 - current
Toshiba2014 - current

If you don't have a smart TV and still want to use DeX in wireless mode on your big screen, you can add a device that supports Miracast like a Roku.

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