What other colors would you like to see for the Pixel 4a?

Google Pixel 4a
Google Pixel 4a (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

Ever since the Pixel 4a was first released back in August, it's been one of the phones we've recommended the most. Between its excellent camera, good performance, and low price, the Pixel 4a delivers a value proposition that's better than just about anything else out there.

We recently crowned the Pixel 4a as the Best Android Phone Value during our Best of 2020 awards, and around that same time, Google gave the phone a little boost in interest by launching the new Barely Blue color for it.

Seeing as how the 4a's bland design is one of our least favorite things about the phone, now being able to get it in a more interesting paint job is really appealing. In the AC forums, some of our members are already sharing their interest in it.

So for a limited time you can now get your grubby little hands on a Pixel 4A in barely blue! The one that was leaked and then cancelled. How unfortunate it wasn't available at launch. I'm tempted to get it as I easily fall for devices that come in blue (OG Pixel RIP). Any of you trading up your current device for it? ...


Can no longer cancel order, nor buy another one - in a few months I'll put this on ebay for many many $$s - :D Barely Blue on the way - shipped 17 hours after order placed - can't complain about this.


As good as Barely Blue looks, this got us to wondering — What other colors would you like to see for the Pixel 4a?

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