What material do you wish smartphones were made out of?

The original Moto X
The original Moto X (Image credit: Android Central)

The debate of glass vs. plastic smartphones is one that we've had a lot over the years. Plastic isn't as premium but is cheaper and more durable, whereas glass has a more luxury feel but is prone to easily breaking.

It's a debate that'll likely continue for the foreseeable future, and every now and then, it becomes a more heated topic.

Recently, someone in our AC forums shared a picture of their Note 10 with a shattered back and brought up the point of glass being too fragile. As you might expect, that resulted in a lot of opinions from other forum members.

Need to start making these phones out of titanium.


But then no wireless charging. Phone manufacturers just have to get off their high horses and realize that there's nothing wrong or low class about plastic.

B. Diddy

This post is making me want to check the back of my phone. Sheesh . The funny thing is so many people complained about the plastic backs not being " premium" enough. Now the complaint is the glass is too fragile. This is a vicious cycle . Lol


I held onto my Note 4 for so long because I've always disliked the glass sandwich form factor. I've had to learn how to be very careful handling my phones. I still prefer metallic phones.


Rather than asking you for the 100th time if you like glass phones or not, we want to know — What material do you wish smartphones were made out of?

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