What does the Oculus Quest Warranty protect?

Best answer: The Oculus Quest warranty covers damage and issues that prevent the device from being used in its intended purpose, not including normal wear and tear, or accidental damage.

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What are your rights?

The Oculus Quest warranty is a pretty standard warranty. The main purpose of the warranty is to ensure the device works as intended. This covers things such as manufacturer defects and other flaws caused by Oculus or their partners.

However, many people might think a warranty covers accidental damage, or other external factors after you purchase the Quest, but this is not the case. Damage from accidents or other misuse are specifically excluded from the warranty.

Other types of damage

Many other types of damage are not covered by the warranty. Another big one is food or drink. Liquid damage is a big problem for VR users, since only a small amount of moisture can damage the sensitive internal parts. Modifying your Quest in any way also voids the warranty. For example, replacing the lenses or other parts with your own will definitely void it.

This warranty also does not apply in the case of resell. Another thing not covered by the warranty is data loss, so it is important to take care of your software by frequently backing things up. In the case of apps on the Oculus store, you always have the ability to download your old purchases, so data loss is easy to avoid.

Getting in touch with Oculus for repairs

Should you find yourself needing to repair your Quest, you can submit a support ticket here to get in touch with Oculus Support. Submitting the ticket takes just a couple of minutes, and once you send it off, Oculus says you can expect a response within one to two business days.

Rick Thayer