What do you think of Samsung's 50% buy-back offer for the Galaxy S20?

All Galaxy S20 models
All Galaxy S20 models (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

One of the constant pains of owning an Android phone has been the platform's inability to hold its value over the years. You can buy the highest-end and most premium device that's available today, but a couple of years down the road, it'll be worth next to nothing for what you originally paid.

Some Android phones tend to retain their monetary value better than others, and in an attempt to further mitigate this problem, Samsung recently announced a new buy-back program for the Galaxy S20 lineup. Buy an S20 today, and Samsung will buy it back for 50% of the value when you're ready to upgrade over the next 24 months.

It's a pretty solid program, but what do our AC forum members think about it? Here's what some of them have to say.

sounds like a great deal, if samsung fully honors it. they have always been a bit dodgy when it comes to their trade in deals. some get the full amount and some don't for whatever reason.

me just saying

It seems like it makes it somewhat fairer for those that buy the high end models and normally don't see a return on their higher investment with trades.

Mike Dee

Saying 50% is impressive since in two years you probably couldnt get 50% value on it. You'd have to hope you liked your phone enough to continue with Samsung again in two years. And you hope they don't make the S22 $2000.


What about you? What do you think of Samsung's 50% buy-back offer for the Galaxy S20?

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  • US only.... So um great if you're in that small minority of the worlds owners 🤷🏽‍♂️
  • It's great but I upgrade via Samsung regularly and they'll give me a great deal. So for people who who don't upgrade and buy one every two years, this is great.
  • buy and iphone. It has this built in. My iphone 8 will still get me close to 50 percent of what I paid for it back 2 years ago. No marketing hoopla. I understand that samsung and most other android devices are like cars, once off the lot you loose all your money. The lack of updates on android is what drives this low return on investment. iphone has 5 generations of updates. the 6s is going to receive iOS 14 this fall. That deivce is close on 5 years old. I can still get 150 or more for my 64gb version now. It runs completely fine and fast. When my galaxy note 1 hit 5 years old, it was a paperweight.
  • Unless you don't want an iPhone. Not everyone wants the same phone.
  • The 6S does run fine, but calling it fast is a stretch. The 6 is sluggish right now, as it the 5S, and the 5C is too slow to be used for anything but a toy. I have every one of those phones right here, right now.
    Now, the iPhone 11? I would definitely call that fast. I've had mine for about six months now (bought it on October 2nd, 2019), and it's one of the things I like best. Oh, and the camera is almost as good as the U12 Plus.
  • We all know the iPhone 11 camera is better than the Taiwanese u12+
  • Samsung is just trying to soften the blow of their expensive a$$ phones. The Note 20 ultra base model will most likely sell for $1,599.00. I'm a current Note 10+ owner and I've been rocking with Sammy since the S2 days but these prices are getting too damn high. That blue One+ 8 pro is looking really good right now, and it's under $1,000.00. 👀
  • The S20 ultra is $2200 canadian. For a phone that won't be updated after 24 months and a brick in 36 that is absurd. Samsung and others should move to a lease service, not just carrier subsidizing. 15/month for the low end, 25/month for an ultra etc. nothing down, no interest, same as a car. Give it back in 2 years and get another for the same deal or buy out your soon to be useless device. That being said, I won't buy lg or samsung again due to the lack of support and extremely slow software updates and high pricing. I hope sales are very poor of these devices to force them to think twice about this pricing in the future.
  • Sounds like they're really afraid that they built a phone people won't need to upgrade in two years.
  • Looks like a gimmick to me.