What do you think about the OnePlus Concept One?

OnePlus Concept One
OnePlus Concept One (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

While a lot of real, marketable products get announced at CES, it's also an event where companies showcase concept devices that they don't intend on selling — simply to show the world the technologies they're working with and what they're capable of.

OnePlus was one such company to do that this year, using CES 2020 to announce the OnePlus Concept One. This is OnePlus's first-ever concept phone, and its big claim to fame is a special glass technology on the back that allows the rear cameras to disappear and reappear in the blink of an eye.

Here's what some of our AC forum members think about the device.

Definitely cool, but imagine how much it'd cost to replace the glass if it cracks. I'm guessing any crack would mess up the opacity feature.

B. Diddy

Concept that won't be available for purchase unfortunately. This is also the first I've head if this type of glass, had no idea it was used on sun roofs, and using it as an nd filter is absolutely genius. I want nd filters in phones.


Seems like an okay option for those who can't stand cases, although it will need a tempered glass protector. https://youtu.be/BPEoShFKs4w


What say you? What do you think about the OnePlus Concept One?

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