The Google Pixel 4 is here. It's packing an impressive camera, more RAM than ever before, and there's no notch in sight. Hooray! This year's Pixel is offered in three different colors, including Oh So Orange, Clearly White, and Just Black. All of them look great, but if you ask us, there's one that stands out above the rest. Need help deciding which color is right for you? Let's take a closer look at all of them.


Orange you impressed?: Oh So Orange

Staff pick

Without a doubt, Oh So Orange is our favorite Pixel 4 color. Google always offers something fun alongside its usual black and white affair, and Oh So Orange continues that trend wonderfully. Along with the vibrant orange back, there's also a sleek black frame, black bezel on the front of the phone, and an orange power button to tie the whole package together. We just wish it wasn't a limited edition.

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Panda is back: Clearly White

It's not as eye-catching as Oh So Orange, but the Pixel 4 in Clearly White is attractive, too. As the name suggests, the back of the phone has a bright, pristine white coat of paint. The black camera hump stands out the most on this color, and there's still an orange power button to go along with it. We also really love how the black frame contrasts with the white, and it harkens back to the panda Pixel 2 XL from 2017.

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The stealthy choice: Just Black

Last but not least, there's Just Black. This could be considered the most boring color for the Pixel 4, but that's not to say it won't appeal to a lot of folks. The Pixel 4 in Just Black is the most stealthy variant of the phone, with the camera hump appearing to fade into the rest of the design (something we greatly appreciate). The power button is also coated in black, creating for a super stealthy and subdued aesthetic all around.

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The Oh So Orange Pixel 4 looks oh so good


We don't think any of the Pixel 4's color options are "bad" by any means, but Oh So Orange stands out as our clear favorite. This is the most vibrant and visually-interesting color you can get for the phone, and it's quite a bit different from the Pixel 3 and 3a's Not Pink and Purple-ish colorways that were considerably more subdued.

The orange back of Oh So Orange looks incredible, offering a hue that's warm and colorful without being overly punchy or intense. It's paired with an orange power button to tie the whole package together, and the black camera hump, black frame, and black bezel around the display offer a good contrast to the vibrant orange.

There is a pretty big downside to all of this greatness, however.

Oh So Orange is a "limited edition" color for the Pixel 4, meaning that once it's gone, it's gone for good. As such, if you want this color for yourself, you better place your order sooner rather than later.

Limited Edition


Oh So Orange

If you're buying a Pixel 4, you owe it to yourself to consider getting the phone in Oh So Orange. It has an incredibly unique design and stands out compared to its siblings.

Google's panda design is back with Clearly White


If Oh So Orange is a bit too intense for your personal preference, the next color we'd recommend checking out is Clearly White.

Clearly White ditches the orange backside for a stark white one, giving the Pixel 4 a sense of minimalism. The rear camera hump stands out the most on the Clearly White Pixel 4, and while it does offer a nice contrast, it may be too garish for some potential buyers. Plus, there's an orange power button to add a little pop of color!

What we especially like about the Clearly White Pixel 4 is that it has a black frame to go along with the white back. This design choice harkens back to the panda/stormtrooper color for the Pixel 2 XL back in 2017, and it's a small design decision that ends up creating for a really outstanding package.


Clearly White

Clearly White is a close runner-up to Oh So Orange, showcasing a stark white back with a stealthy black frame that reminds us of the panda Pixel 2 XL from years past.

Just Black is boring, and that's OK

Rounding out the trio of Pixel 4 colors, we have Just Black. As the name suggests, Just Black is, well, just black.

Everything about this version of the Pixel 4 is covered in a black paint job — the back glass, frame, rear camera, display bezel, and even the power button. It's incredibly stealthy and is by far the sleekest Pixel 4 being offered.

Some people might consider the Just Black Pixel 4 to be "boring", but others are bound to love its simplistic nature. If you're someone that wants your gadgets to fade into the background rather than sticking out for the world to see, Just Black makes the most sense out of everything that's offered.

This is also the only Pixel 4 color that has a shimmery glass back, whereas Oh So Orange and Clearly White has a matte finish.

Dark and mysterious


Just Black

For those of you that want your tech to seamlessly fade into the background, there's Just Black. This sleek, stealthy Pixel 4 color knows exactly what it is and owns it.

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