As the smart speaker formerly known as the Google Home Mini, the Nest Mini appears to be largely unchanged from its popular form factor. Oh sure, Nest updated the internals to add better on-device machine learning and improved Google Assistant capabilities, and the speaker is better with more 40% bass, but let's face it... these are going to be placed around your house. Don't you want them to look great too? We'll tell you what our favorite colors are. Will you agree with us?


Baby blue: Nest Mini Sky

Staff pick

I'm a sucker for blue, and I love it when tech companies sneak a blue variant into their product lineups. What's nice about this Sky blue from Nest, which Google says was "inspired by Lake Como in Italy," is that it has just enough color to be appreciated without being outlandish or gaudy.

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Corral that Coral: Nest Mini Coral

Over the past year or so Coral has emerged as one of the hot colors in tech, from the iPhone XR to numerous other accessories. I think Nest's implementation of this pinkish/orangish color is very tastefully done, and will add a refreshing pop of color to whatever room you place it in.

$49 at B&H

Hockey puck: Nest Mini Charcoal

I teased this version's resemblance to a hockey puck, but truth be told, I really dig this subtle yet classy look. It can be a statement piece for sure, but it can just as easily melt into the background and not draw attention to itself. Kind of like a great assistant, no?

$49 at B&H

River rock: Nest Mini Chalk

Compared to the other color options you might be quick to call the Chalk version a bit dull, but I disagree. Its look is perfectly balanced between a polished river pebble and a modern-day gadget. That's a pretty cool aesthetic that will work well in all kinds of households.

$49 at B&H

Out of the clear blue sky

I always appreciate it when tech companies take chances with colors and styles, so I immediately gravitated toward this beautiful Sky blue color option. It brings in an unexpected splash of color without really clashing with your home decor.

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Google managed to add just the right amount of blue without making it glow like last year's aqua-tinted version. This hue goes nicely in bedrooms and bathrooms in particular, where you might want a little calm and tranquility to go with your tunes.

Baby blue


The Nest Mini Sky color brings a bit of chill to your hectic home life. It can stand out hung up on the wall, or just as easily blend in with most surroundings.

Orange you glad it made this one?

This one is for those of you who aren't afraid of taking chances and who aren't afraid of a little color. As much as this particular product is not for me, I can totally appreciate why Nest is offering it. After all, a little bit of color never hurt anybody, and we deserve to have our living spaces have a little bit of flair. Bonus: if you're one of the lucky ones to secure an Oh So Orange Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL, then you can color match to your Nest Mini!

One thing that Nest really got right with this bright color was matching the plastic base to the fabric covering. Amazon recently added a pretty Plum color to their Echo Dot (3rd Gen) line, but it is oddly unsettling to me to see that fine fabric juxtaposed with a white plastic top and bottom.

Colorful Coral


Coral seems to be the new hotness right now, and we're not mad. Pick one of these pucks up to go with your Oh So Orange Pixel 4.

Sleek like charcoal

Not only is this Nest Mini color sleek as hell, but it also has a subtle enough design that it will look great wherever you want to place it. It also has that classic speaker look, so it should blend in well with other speakers and electronic equipment that you might already have around your home.

If you don't want to rock the boat too much and prefer to futureproof your style, this is the Nest Mini to get. It may give off a masculine vibe, but the soft contours of the fabric and rounded shape make it the perfect complement for any fashion identity.

Dark Mode


Don't be fooled that this is third on our list. We are pretty sure this stealthy speaker will be the top seller this year.

Chalk up another great speaker to Nest

Some people just want their gadgets to do their job and stay out of the way. For those people, I say get the Chalk color. Now that you can mount the Mini to your walls, it should blend in nicely with white/off white paint, or perched on a light-colored cabinet or shelf.

Even though its style is low-key, it still has a refined look that will make you proud to feature this speaker prominently in your home. Let the rest of your home represent your personality, and the Chalk colored Nest Mini will sit in the background and just do its job.

Rock on


Just because it's not flamboyant doesn't mean it's not beautiful. This classic design adds sophistication to any side table.

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