The Galaxy Fold is already the most unique-looking phone you're going to see in 2019. It will be impossible to take it out of your pocket, unfold that 7.3-inch display and not get looks. But Samsung has gone and made things even more interesting by offering unique and flashy color options for the Fold, too. Here's what you need to know about how they look, and where you can buy them, so you can find the right color before you drop $1980 on one.

Mirror finish: Space Silver

Calling this phone "silver" does a bit of a disservice to it. Like Samsung phones of old, it has a deep and highly reflective finish that changes colors a lot, absorbing the colors around it to move between grey, silver, blue and purple. If you keep it clean, it looks amazing — if it gets filled with fingerprints, you won't be so happy with it.

$1980 at AT&T

The standard: Cosmos Black

When in doubt, you can always go with the black color option for a phone. Cosmos Black closely follows all of Samsung's other black phones, with a highly glossy finish, and a generally classy look. It also quite simply looks the best of all four colors with the screen folded open, as the black matches the cover screen and its bezel perfectly.

$1980 at AT&T

Tough to explain: Martian Green

"Martian" helps you describe what's going on here, because this is a very alien color. It's highly mirrored like Space Silver, but dramatically changes color depending on the angle and lighting you see it in. It can look green, brown, pink, gold or yellow ... sometimes together and other times in rapid succession. It's a little less ostentatious with a silver hinge, but you can optionally get it with a gold hinge for the full "wow" effect.

$1980 at Samsung

Gorgeous contrast: Astro Blue

Astro Blue certainly calls attention to itself, but does so in a bit more of a subtle way than Martian Green. The deep blue-purple hue has less depth and mirror to it, but has a neat color-shifting effect that even throws off a bit of a rainbow at certain angles. Pair it with the silver hinge to put all the focus on the blue, or option in the gold hinge for amazing contrast and that extra pop of color that's unmistakably "Samsung."

$1980 at Samsung

Which color Galaxy Fold you pick up first depends on whether you're going to be buying from a carrier or directly from Samsung. Buying from AT&T for its financing restricts you to the two most basic colors, but they're honestly still stunning in their own right. But if you're flexible on where you buy, Samsung offers the truly standout Martian Green and Astro Blue colors — and in both cases you get the option to choose a gold hinge color that very few people will have.

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