Samsung Kvadrat Cover Note 20 Ultra PinkSource: Samsung

The Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra are official. Both phones are now up for pre-order, they officially go on sale later this month, and we cannot wait for fans to start using the phones for themselves.

As great as the devices are on their own, they're made better with the right accessories. This is true of any phone that launches, with the Note 20 series being no exception.

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Some of our AC forum members recently shared which accessories they've purchased for their Note 20, with some of their picks including the following:

Mr Segundus

Not sure if there is a formal discussion on accessories so I thought I'd start one. I purchased the Unicorn Beetle Pro SUPCASE on Amazon, a Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector from Whitestone's website, and Dome Glass camera protector from Amazon. The Whitestones will be delivered on Monday and the case will be delivered this Saturday. What cases/accessories did you buy for your new...


Samsung protective standing cover here (rugged) always get that one and in silver, looks cool, bit bulky but I need the protection.


Spigen Tough Armor. Get through Amazon and not Spigen. Way cheaper.

Katrina White1

I get the same cases every year. My tried n true Ringke is the first to arrive. That camera housing is just ridiculous! Swallows the camera for my poor N10+. I can tell the lip will raise the camera off of surfaces though. Interesting having the buttons and SPen on the opposite side.


What about you? What accessories did you buy for your Galaxy Note 20?

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