12 weird Bluetooth gadgets the Mobile Nations team use every day

In the world of always-connected devices and smart accessories, there are countless uses for Bluetooth. Beyond wireless earbuds or hooking up wireless keyboards, there are some oddities to be found. We dive deeper into the homes of Mobile Nations staff and the weird Bluetooth devices they're proud (or not so proud) to own.

Connect everything

The world of Bluetooth is packed with weird and wonderful products, with smart homes, connected devices, and more, only accelerating their presence. And if you're in the market for strange things (who isn't?) while still retaining some ground to reality, devices like the Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush are a surprisingly affordable gadget for the feature set. It'll spice up your daily routine and has tangible health benefits too.

Mobile Nations also loves the Tile Slim, a compact champ for tracking your lost wallets and bags. The credit card-style form factor is impressively suited for the former, with claimed three-year battery life and waterproofing for the demands of everyday life.

Matt Brown