Lockscreen options

Do you keep your phone locked? If so, how?

We're big proponents of using a secure method to keep prying eyes out of our phones here at AC. There's a lot of private and personal information on our phones, and letting someone have full access to them isn't a good idea. Besides, it's really easy to use a method to control who can get in and how.

I'm in love with the "trusted connected device" method, where your phone gets locked if it's not connected to a predefined device or network. Moto does it on their new phones using Bluetooth devices, and Google has adopted it in the L Preview and added location services into the mix. Some third-party apps do it even better.

What about the rest of us? Do you keep it locked up, or do you go for the convenience of no lockscreen security? See the poll below and tell everyone how you do it.