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A readership divided

When we posited the question this last week about if Chromebooks had invaded your home or your life just yet, I knew we were going to get some Chromebook converts and we were also going to get some hardcore PC users telling us Chromebooks can't do anything and that they're a waste — they do plenty and they're not, by the way — I just didn't know how many of column A and how many of column B we'd see.

Stick that in your SATA drive and run it.

Turns out, Chromebooks are pretty popular among the Android Central crowd. Just over a third of you use your Chromebooks significantly, with another 10 percent either using them a little or at least buying one for someone else in their life to use. So nearly half of those of you who responded have Chromebooks in the house already.

And among the remaining users, they're just about split between wanting nothing to do with them or considering making the jump to Google's other operating system, with those considering it having a slight lead over the uninterested users. Those waiting mostly seem to be waiting for a better Chromebook — preferably a cheaper and better Chromebook — to hit the market. I don't think they're going to be waiting too much longer, but some users have much higher goals than others.

Among the spirited debate in the comment section a number of those not using Chromebooks said that their Android tablets or a combination of the phone and their current PC make a Chromebook seem a bit superfluous to their needs, and there's certainly nothing wrong with that.

So with almost three quarters of responding users indicating they already own or want to Chromebooks, don't even think that our Chromebook coverage will be going anywhere but up anytime soon. Is there anything in particular those still holding out — or even those who already own and love their Chromebooks — would like to know? Tell us in the comments below and stay tuned.

Oh, and winner for best flavor text reply goes to Comineeyeaha with Where's the "I got one for my wife and she loves it, but I don't get a chance to use it very often" option?