BlackBerry Priv with Android

Last week we asked if you'd run out to pick up the new BlackBerry Priv. As BlackBerry's first phone running Android, and with a slickly designed keyboard, this phone came out of nowhere to wow us. You told us they didn't wow you enough though, and most people said they weren't interested in this shiny new phone.

The question this week was all about whether the BlackBerry Priv was awesome enough to make you run out and go buy it immediately. It's gorgeous with a well done hidden keyboard, and more features than you can shake a stick at. Still, jumping from your current favorite to a new phone from BlackBerry can be daunting, and expensive.

The Winner of this week's poll was disinterest in the Priv, followed by those of you who haven't been able to pick it up yet, and in third-and final-place were those of you who have picked one up already.

Priv poll followup

There was no landslide winner in this poll. The uninterested won out with 47 percent of all votes tallied, which counts out to 2,775 votes. Those of us —yes I said us, that are waiting to go out and grab ours were a ways behind with 35 percent of the vote and 2067 votes. Those who grabbed the phone lagged way back with only 18 percent of the overall and only 1,063 votes. It's not as surprisingly as you might think with this being BlackBerry's first foray into the glorious world of Android phones.

So are you a fan of the new BlackBerry Priv? Tell us why — or why not — in the comments!