All the cardboard units

Last week we asked if you use VR with your kids. Considering the already popular Google Cardboard, the new Samsung Gear VR, it wouldn't be strange for your kids to be clamoring to play with that new toy. In a turn about though, it looks like most of you aren't using VR at all!

We gave you three easy choices for the poll last week; Yes, No, or I don't use VR. With all the notice VR has been getting this year, odds are at some point you had a chance to pick up one of these awesome new toys. However, nearly three-fourths of voters last week said they don't even use VR. That's right with 74 percent of the vote, and 1,326 individual votes "I don't use VR" won our poll in a landslide. In second place was the Yes option, with 14 percent of the vote, and 251 overall votes. No came in just behind Yes, and snatched up 215 votes for 12 percent of voters.

No VR wins the poll

It was definitely a surprise to see just how many people aren't using VR, especially with how many devices and apps have been announced and released this year. That being said, we're still in the earlier days of phone based VR and many of those who don't use VR right now, might jump on the bandwagon in coming days. Of the 26 percent of voters who are using VR, it was also cool to see that you're sharing with your kids — especially with access to things like the View Master VR to make things even kid friendlier.

So are you uninterested in VR for a reason? What are your favorite VR apps to share with the kids in your life? Let us know about it in the comments below!