What color Samsung Galaxy Ring should you buy?

If you don't like the color of your phone, you can just buy a case for it. Even for smart watches, you can switch up its style with a myriad of watch straps or even watch cases, if you simply must have all your tech be that perfect shade of teal. But for smart rings, there are no cases or covers: the color you bring home is the color on your finger from now until you buy a new one.

So before you bring home the Samsung Galaxy Ring, let's take a close look at which tint of titanium you're ready to wear day and night for the next few years.

Meet the titillating titanium colors of the Samsung Galaxy Ring

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Color is only half the story with the Samsung Galaxy Ring

I am a steadfast silver girl when it comes to my jewelry for a number of reasons. Despite the karat scale for mixing/color-grading gold, it's embarrassingly easy for gold to clash with itself compared to silver, especially among gold-tinted electronics. Gold can make my pasty skin look pale or sallow, and silver is less likely to irritate my skin.

But the gold on the Samsung Galaxy Ring is like the Ring of Power itself: it's just too alluring for us mere mortals to resist. While that mirror-like high-polish finish will show fingerprints and smudges like no one's business, when it's clean, its reflections and clean look evoke a timeless and enchanting style.

We can't promise that the Titanium Gold of the Galaxy Ring will match all your fancy watches or heirloom necklaces, but it does match the Yellow gold of the Galaxy Z Flip 6, looking bold despite its relatively understated design. It's definitely a deeper yellow than the white gold on last year's Gold Galaxy Watch 6, but neither the Galaxy Watch 7 nor the swanky new Galaxy Watch Ultra come in any shade of gold. 

Both watches do come in silver, though, so those of you wanting a matching set will likely want to opt for the Titanium Silver Galaxy Ring. Silver also showcases a satin finish, the Goldilocks between a shiny-but-smudgy high polish on Titanium Gold and the longlasting-but-lusterless matte polished Titanium Black

It's wonderful that Samsung chose a different finish for each color. It allows for those who are dead-set on a finish type to have that option — I will take brushed or satin finishes over high polish every time — and also helps the three colors stand out from each other a little more.

Shiny or subtle, silver or gold, the most important factors here are which one do you think looks best and how it fits. Your ring size can vary based on the weather, dehydration, time of day, even what you're eating that day. Your size for the Galaxy Ring will also certainly differ from the size of your normal jewelry rings, so take advantage of the sizing guides Samsung will send out once you order one. Do not forgo this step just to get your ring faster.

After all, your pretty new ring's color won't matter if you can't keep it on your finger.

Ara Wagoner

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