Samsung's next smartwatch might revive the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro's awesome battery life

A close-up of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

What you need to know

  • A new report suggests that one of the upcoming Galaxy Watch models will feature a battery size similar to the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.
  • The highest-tier Galaxy Watch 7 version is expected to have a battery capacity of 578mAh.
  • The names of the three versions of the Galaxy Watch 7 are still uncertain, but the addition of "Pro" could indicate enhanced battery life.

Earlier rumors suggested that we could see three Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 models drop later this year, and a fresh report says the Pro version might pack a hefty battery upgrade compared to previous models.

Since switching to Wear OS, Samsung smartwatches haven't lasted as long on a charge. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro was a step up, but the company oddly went back to a smaller battery in the Galaxy Watch 6 series.

However, things might turn around with the Galaxy Watch 7 series, potentially bringing back better battery life, as per Galaxy Club.

The outlet reports that one of the upcoming Galaxy Watch models seems to have a battery as big as the Watch 5 Pro, which lasted way longer on a charge than the Watch 6. The former has a 590mAh battery, while the latter only has a 425mAh one.

The battery expected for the highest-tier Galaxy Watch 7 version is said to be rated at 578mAh, potentially even slightly larger than the Watch 5 Pro's capacity. This means we're in for a significant leap from the watches released last year.

Our review of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro found it could last a whopping 80 hours on a single charge. With its hefty battery, the Watch 5 Pro boasts the largest battery of any Galaxy smartwatch, and it's the only one running Wear OS that can keep up with your busy life for that long.

We're still unsure about the names of the three versions of the Galaxy Watch 7. However, if one of them does get a "Pro" tag, having additional battery life could give it a competitive edge against the top Android watches on the market.

Recent rumors suggest that Samsung might also increase the watch's memory from 16GB to 32GB. It could hold double the music and apps compared to the last one, which would be handy for folks who like to take their tunes on the go.

Don't hold your breath for the Galaxy Watch 7 series anytime soon, though. There's speculation that Samsung might hold a Galaxy Unpacked event in July, but it won't be available right away.

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