Pebble gets a new lease on life with Google Pixel 7 support

Pebble smartwatch
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What you need to know

  • Google has apparently rolled out Pixel 7 support for the Pebble smartwatch app.
  • The final update for the app also makes the decade-old smartwatch brand compatible with future Android devices that support 64-bit apps.
  • The update also improves the reliability of the app's Caller ID function.

Pebble smartwatch owners will be happy to hear that their wearable device is getting a new lease on life. Google has released an update to the Pebble smartwatch app, which allows it to run on the Pixel 7 series and future smartphones with exclusive support for 64-bit apps.

It should be noted that support for the Pebble app was officially discontinued in 2018, shortly after the company was acquired by Fitbit. After purchasing Fitbit, Google took control of what remained of Pebble, though much of the effort to keep the brand alive was credited to the Rebble team.

A few days ago, Katharine Berry, a member of that group, revealed via Twitter that the updated Pebble app for Android (version 4.4.3) has been released (via Ars Technica). The latest update arrives four years after the last one, which enabled the app to function in some way despite having been shut down by Fitbit. In addition to the Google Pixel 7 support, the new update also brings improvements to the reliability of Caller ID function.

Rebble's efforts aided in no small way in allowing Pebble smartwatches to keep ticking. However, things took a downward spiral with the launch of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, which only include support for 64-bit apps, leaving 32-bit apps out in the cold. For the Pebble app, this essentially meant cutting off its last remaining source of power to keep running on Google's best Android phones.

As 64-bit only devices become more common, 32-bit apps are facing a huge challenge. That said, the latest Pebble app release not only makes the smartwatch compatible with the Pixel 7 series, it also ensures that the wearable device will be supported on future Android handsets that only support 64-bit apps.

If you want to install the latest version of Pebble's APK, it's now available to download from Rebble. It is signed with the official Pebble keys, which means Google Fit integration is supported. While it isn't as easy as installing apps from the Play Store, it should be less of a hassle.

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