Is Fitbit Premium included with Pixel Watch?

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Is Fitbit Premium included with Pixel Watch?

Best answer: Yes! Not only does the Google Pixel Watch work with the Fitbit app and Fitbit Premium, but it also comes with a six-month trial membership. At an average cost of about $10 per month, that’s saving you $60 and provides plenty of access to workouts, advanced and detailed health and wellness features, and more.

What is the Pixel Watch?

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The Pixel Watch is Google’s first branded smartwatch, leveraging the company’s prowess in connected devices and Fitbit’s leadership in fitness, health, and wellness tracking. 

Unveiled at Google I/O 2022 earlier this year, the Android-based watch includes Fitbit integration now that Google owns Fitbit. It has a rotating crown and runs on Wear OS 3. 

As expected, given that the watch hails from Google, you have access to features like Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Wallet as well. 

Thanks to the Fitbit integration, you can monitor things like continuous heart rate, sleep tracking, Active Zone Minutes, and more. You’ll need a Fitbit account to access these features if you don’t already have one. 

The Pixel Watch is already getting great reviews, but will it be named among the best smartwatches for fitness? That remains to be seen. For now, there’s a lot of intrigue surrounding the Pixel Watch, which is a viable new premium option for Android phone users.

What is Fitbit Premium?

Fitbit Premium app screenshots: List of workouts (Left); list of no-equipment workouts (middle); Specific workout page showing duration, calories, and type of equipment (Right)

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Fitbit Premium is, as the name implies, a premium service that’s offered as an option alongside most Fitbit fitness trackers and smartwatches, including the Pixel Watch as well. Most devices, including the Pixel Watch, come with a free trial period, so you can try it out and see if it’s worth investing in going forward. 

Some wonder if Fitbit Premium is worth the annual subscription. That’s a personal question for each user. With the subscription, you unlock tons more guided programs and workouts in a variety of genres and styles, so you can follow along from a compatible smartwatch, your phone, or big screen TV when casting the content from the app to the display. You also get access to more mindfulness exercises, nutrition information, and more. 

There are also handy extra features that come with Fitbit Premium, including a Daily Readiness Score that will advise if your body is ready for an intense workout or you need to take it easy, a stress management score, 90-day health trends, wellness report, detailed sleep score analysis, including the new Sleep Profile that compares your sleep style to that of an animal, skin temperature score, and more. 

The cost is $9.99 per month or $80 per year at a discounted rate for locking in. If you decide to sign up for Fitbit Premium, you may find that it’s worth every penny. The great news is that signing up is free with the Pixel Watch for the first half-year, but you’ll have to cancel Fitbit Premium before the trial period is up if you don’t want to start getting billed monthly.

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