How to update your Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch hazel/gold colorway with the Pacific watch face
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Google's Pixel Watch is arguably the best-looking Android smartwatch out there today. It's sleek and stylish but is also extremely functional thanks to the digital crown and hardware buttons on the side. However, if you want to make sure you get all of the new features and bug fixes, it's important to update your Pixel Watch. 

How to update your Pixel Watch

Since the Pixel Watch is really just a miniature smartphone on your wrist, there are a few requirements that need to be met before you can update your Pixel Watch. These are the same steps you'll need to take regardless of which smartwatch you own, provided that you don't want to end up dealing with a major headache.

  • On its charger
  • Battery is at least 50%
  • Your Pixel Watch is connected to Wi-Fi

As a rule of thumb, we always recommend just leaving any smartwatch connected to its charger throughout the update process. Of course, Google states that this is a requirement, but that’s only to ensure that your Pixel Watch won’t run out of battery while the update is being downloaded and installed.

1. From your Pixel Watch, swipe down on the watch face to reveal the Quick Settings panel.

2. Tap the Settings (cog) button.

3. Scroll down and tap System

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4. Tap System updates

5. If an update is available, wait for it to be downloaded and installed.

How to update Google Pixel Watch

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If an update is available, you’ll likely see a prompt informing you that the downloading process has started. Once the update has finished downloading, the Pixel Watch will reboot, showing an “Installing update…” message. 

During this time, it’s extremely important to leave your Pixel Watch connected to its charger, as you don’t want to interrupt the update installation process. After the update is finished being downloaded and installed on your Pixel Watch, the device will reboot and then show your watch face once it’s done.

There's a hidden trick to update Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch software update low battery

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Going through the steps in the previous section should result in you getting any available updates for your Pixel Watch. However, unlike some of the other best Android smartwatches, there's actually a way to "force" an update. This was discovered shortly after Google released the December 2022 update, but has been around since the Wear OS 2 days.

If you know there's an update available for your Pixel Watch, but it's not being installed, just follow the steps above. And when you reach the Your watch is up to date screen, repeatedly tap the watch icon at the top of the screen. Provided that an update is actually available, the screen will refresh and the update will begin to download.

It's kind of weird that this kind of workaround is still floating around in Wear OS 3.5 with the Pixel Watch. Perhaps someday, Google will implement a "Check for updates" button. But until then, at least we have a way to force an update to be downloaded instead of waiting around for the stars to align.

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