Google Pixel Watch borrows At a Glance feature from Pixel smartphones

Google Pixel Watch At a Glance feature
(Image credit: Nick Sutrich/ Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The popular At a Glance feature from Pixel smartphones is also coming to the Pixel Watch.
  • The feature arrives as a new complication for the Pixel Watch watch face.
  • The new feature allows you to check the weather, date, and temperature. It will also pull up calendar information.
  • The complication is available on the Utility watch face utilizing the Modular II or III layouts.

Google is adding more capabilities to its first-generation Pixel Watch, as the popular At a Glance feature arrives on the smartwatch.

As spotted by 9to5Google, the feature comes as a new complication on the Pixel Watch, available on the Modular II or Modular III layouts for the Utility watch face, although 9to5 says it should also be available for third-party watch faces as well. So far, Android Central's Nicholas Sutrich has been able to find and set up At a Glance on the watch face mentioned above.

Google Pixel Watch At a Glance feature

(Image credit: Nick Sutrich/ Android Central)

Users can select the At a Glance complication for the wide slot on the watch face. Pixel Watch users are also required to allow Assistant to utilize their calendar app, states 9to5. This ensures that the feature can showcase your meetings set according to your calendar, although, by default, users should see the date and weather information.

When you tap the complication, it opens the Weather app.

Google Pixel Watch At a Glance feature

(Image credit: Nick Sutrich/ Android Central)

Interestingly, this new At a Glance feature wasn't detailed in the recent June 2023 update or feature drop for the Pixel Watch. It appears to be a server-side update for Pixel Watch, although it's odd that this feature has silently made its way to the smartwatch, as you'd expect Google to make a bigger deal out of its arrival. Still, we can probably expect more functionalities for the complication, which appears fairly limited at the moment. Perhaps while we anticipate the Pixel Watch 2, likely coming this fall.

Meanwhile, the June 2023 feature drop included the long-awaited SpO2 monitoring feature that monitors users' blood oxygen levels, among other highlighted features like expanded language support and new app Tiles.

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