Galaxy Fit 3 packaging leak spills its potential pricing in the U.S.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2
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What you need to know

  • An image of the Galaxy Fit 3's packaging leaked, showcasing its two colorway options: black and white.
  • The leak also contained a rumored price that could land the Galaxy Fit 3 at around $99.
  • An instruction manual was also supposedly discovered, doubling down on the Galaxy Fit 3's 1.6-inch display, physical home/power button, and available sensors.

We could be creeping on the launch of the Galaxy Fit 3 as images of its product box and pricing surface.

The discovery of the Galaxy Fit 3's box and pricing were initially brought to light by a user on Reddit, highlighted by Gizmochina. The device is shown in its two black and white colorways, but the discovery, which stemmed from an Instagram post, purported a 250,000 Tanzanian Shillings price.

This is estimated at around $99, but Samsung could always play with the numbers.

A leaked image of the packaging for Samsung's Galaxy Fit 3 in black and white colorways.

(Image credit: Reddit)

Supposedly, SamMobile got its hands on the official instruction manual for the upcoming Galaxy Fit 3 (via TechRadar). The alleged manual seemingly confirms the existence of a 1.6-inch display, which makes the Fit 3 look more like a smartwatch than the fitness tracker design of the Galaxy Fit 2. Diagrams detail the presence of a physical home and power button on the right side of the device, right above an Atmospheric pressure sensor.

A light sensor is highlighted on the top of the device. The assumed manual also mentions the Galaxy Fit 3's Optical heart rate sensor on the back of the device. The publication adds the tracker may support blood oxygen levels, stress, and sleep tracking alongside a user's heart rate.

Rumors for the Galaxy Fit 3 continue to pile up, as the latest from January spilled its renderings and customization options. Renders were captured from Samsung's "regional website," doubling down on its new smartwatch-esque design and 1.6-inch display. Moreover, the device will offer consumers two silicon sports band options: orange and dark green.

The render also showed the possible existence of two more sensors above the one likely focused on heart rate tracking.

Other leaked specs suggest the device will feature a larger 200mAh battery with a bold claim that it can go for three weeks on a single charge. Currently, the Galaxy Fit 3 is expected to arrive sometime in the first half of 2024. However, it remains to be seen how Samsung will spread its fitness devices out as the Galaxy Watch 7 is coming up later this year, as well as its recently teased Galaxy Ring.

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