Samsung website leak gives away key details about the Galaxy Fit 3

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2
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What you need to know

  • Gadgets & Wearables spotted official renders of the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 on one of its "regional websites."
  • The leak showed Fit 3 colors, band colors, dimensions, sensors, sports modes, and more information.
  • Analysts expect the Galaxy Fit 3 to launch in the first half of 2024. 

One of Samsung's international websites jumped the gun and showed off official renders of the Galaxy Fit 3 fitness tracker. Aside from revealing new details about the Fit 3, this official leak gives us hope that we don't have too much longer to wait.

Gadgets & Wearables spotted the images and didn't share the link, which may or may not have been taken down. However, the official images look genuine and match the previously leaked renders posted by Windows Report. 

The renders show the Fit 3's sports bands — made of silicone, with orange or dark green color options — along with a silver aluminum case. The renders show a "Band Quick Release button" in case you want to buy extras and swap bands, as well as a single right-side button for menu controls. 

The Fit 3's AMOLED display is significantly wider than the 1.1-inch Fit 2 display (shown above), with a rumored 1.61-inch size. Plus, we can see two new sensor spots above the main optical heart rate sensor on the rear, suggesting new tracked data compared to the HR-only Fit 2.

Gadgets & Wearables also claims it will weigh 21.39 grams, though we have to assume this number only takes the main body into account, not the bands. For context, the 1.04-inch Fitbit Charge 6 pebble weighs 15g or twice that with bands attached.

Past Galaxy Fit 3 certifications suggested the Fit 3 would have a 200mAh battery, with 41mAh extra capacity compared to the 15-day Fit 2. Now, Gadgets & Wearables claims that the Fit 3 will last three weeks per charge, which would dwarf most of the best fitness trackers on the market. Typically, just one week is considered respectable. 

Lastly, Samsung showed off an apparent photo of the Galaxy Fit 3 with sports modes visible: Walking, Running, Bike, and Track Run. We're curious to see whether the Fit 3 will have built-in GPS to track these activities, or if they'll rely on your phone's connected GPS. 

Multiple sources claimed last year that Samsung would launch the Galaxy Fit 3 sometime in the first half of 2024. While this Galaxy Fit 3 leak may not definitively prove that it's coming soon, we can certainly hope for an imminent arrival. Samsung will want to ensure its launch doesn't interfere with the Galaxy Watch 7 launch this summer, or the Galaxy Ring launch sometime this year. 

Whenever the Galaxy Fit 3 arrives, it should help to launch a very promising year for Samsung when it comes to fitness. The new Galaxy AI tech could help the Galaxy Fit 3 deliver better sleep recommendations and activity data than ever. 

Michael L Hicks
Senior Editor, Wearables & AR/VR

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