Nearly every Fitbit has a Cyber Monday deal, but which is worth buying?

Fitbit Sense 2 vs Google Pixel Watch comparison
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Fitbit isn't holding anything back this Cyber Monday. Basically every single Fitbit watch or tracker it still sells is discounted for this deals period, including major discounts on its three 2022 devices: the Sense 2, Versa 4, and Inspire 3. But all of these Cyber Monday Fitbit deals will expire by the end of the day, so you'll have to decide quickly which one you want!

Of all the best Fitbits, which should you buy? The Sense 2 is Fitbit's flagship watch, and buying it for $100 off just a few months from its release date is a steal. But not everyone needs its bundle of health-tracking sensors; instead, you may want to consider the Pixel Watch instead, since Google owns Fitbit and uses the Fitbit app as its exclusive fitness-tracking app.

For a more affordable option, we consider the Charge 5 the best option for most people. It's stylish, comfortable, and easier to use than most fitness trackers because of the large 1-inch display. And it can measure your heart rate, blood oxygen levels (SpO2), irregular heart rhythm (ECG), and stress levels (EDA); for comparison, other Fitbits besides the Sense 2 can only measure the first two. And it's $50 off, or $100 cheaper than the Sense 2.

Fitbit Charge 5: $150 $99.99 at Amazon

Fitbit Charge 5: $150 $99.99 at Amazon

The best fitness tracker available, the Charge 5 is very comfortable despite being larger than most trackers, and lasts 7 days per charge. It has onboard GPS, NFC tap-to-pay, an always-on display, 5ATM water resistance, and most of the sensors you'd get with the much more expensive Fitbit Sense 2. 

For the best possible Fitbit experience, you'll want to choose between the Fitbit Sense 2 or Pixel Watch. The Sense 2 has unique stress and temperature sensors that the Pixel Watch lacks, and it lasts six days per charge versus the Pixel Watch's 24-hour maximum. But like most Fitbits, its software experience outside of fitness is very limited; you'll need the Pixel Watch for Wear OS apps, Google Assistant, and better integration with your Android phone. 

Fitbit Sense 2:$299.95$199.95 at Amazon

Fitbit Sense 2: $299.95 $199.95 at Amazon

From a hardware perspective, the Fitbit Sense 2 is easily the best smartwatch we've ever seen from the company. The interface has also been updated to look more like a Wear OS smartwatch, and battery life is rated to last for almost an entire week on a single charge.

Google Pixel Watch: $349 $299 at Best Buy

Google Pixel Watch: $349 $299 at Best Buy
Rumored for years, the Google Pixel Watch is finally here, and boy, oh boy is it beautiful! Even more beautiful is this Cyber Monday sale which takes a cool $50 off the normal price of the watch, making it that much more affordable. Ready to upgrade your style?

On the other hand, if you want the cheapest possible Fitbit that still gives you good quality, the new Fitbit Inspire 3 is 30% off already, and it gives you the essential Fitbit software experience in a petite package you'll barely notice on your wrist. 

Fitbit Inspire 3: $100 $69.99 at Amazon

Fitbit Inspire 3: $100 $69.99 at Amazon

While this doesn't have some of the higher-end features of the Charge 5, it has one key improvement: just how lightweight it feels on your wrist. Its screen is too small to fully show notifications like the Charge 5, but some people will prefer a tracker that isn't as disruptive with information during workouts. You get six free months of Fitbit Premium with your purchase. 

Your middle-of-the-road option is the Fitbit Versa 4. Our reviewer wasn't very fond of it because it abandoned some of the features of its predecessor (the Versa 3) like Google Assistant support, wi-fi connectivity, music storage, and third-party app support. At this price, you're essentially saving $50 on the Sense 2 by losing its ECG, EDA, and temperature sensors, and paying for the stylish 1.58-inch AMOLED display.

Fitbit Versa 4: $230 $149.95 at Best Buy

Fitbit Versa 4: $230 $149.95 at Best Buy

While it lacks some of the features of the Versa 3, the Versa 4 has an updated Wear OS-lite interface that makes things a bit easier to navigate, the six-day battery life is reliable, and the watch's new physical button is an improvement on the Versa 3's capacitive button.

If you're willing to step back two generations, the Fitbit Versa 2 is especially cheap for Cyber Monday, giving you all the essentials except for built-in GPS data. If you run or work out with your phone, this may be a good budget option for you. 

Fitbit Versa 2:$149.95$99.95 at Best Buy

Fitbit Versa 2: $149.95 $99.95 at Best Buy

Head over to Best Buy and you can instantly save $50 on the Fitbit Versa 2, a slightly older-yet-still-great smartwatch that comes with 24/7 health and activity tracking, a swimproof construction, and Amazon Alexa built right in. Your purchase will even come with a free six month subscription to Fitbit Premium (an additional $59.95 value).

If you're looking for something dainty like the Inspire 3 but with a slightly more stylish look, the Fitbit Luxe was designed with refinement and elegance in mind, and it also has most of the sensors and essentials (minus GPS data) that you'd need.

Fitbit Luxe: $150 $79.95 at Best Buy

Fitbit Luxe: $150 $79.95 at Best Buy

Looking good! This Fitbit has an edge-to-edge AMOLED strip that'll impress anyone, paired with some strikingly colorful bands that can express your style. If you need 24/7 health tracking and want something light for your wrist, start here. 

Or, if you want the cheapest possible option, the Fitbit Inspire 2 is just $50 ($30 off) and comes with a full year of Fitbit Premium, compared to just 6 months for all of the above options. It's an older model, but gives you the basics. 

Fitbit Inspire 2: $80 $50 at Best Buy

Fitbit Inspire 2: $80 $50 at Best Buy

One of our former favorites for fitness tracking, the Inspire 2 has a ten-day battery life, heart rate rhythm notifications, Active Zone Minutes tracking, and essentials like Daily Readiness and sleep tracking to guide you. 

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