This wall-mounted Google Nest Hub Max is a curious compromise

Google Nest Hub Max
Google Nest Hub Max (Image credit: Curney / Reddit)

What you need to know

  • A Reddit user has posted a photo of a wall-mounted Google Nest Hub Max.
  • The owner wanted a professional installation but was refused because of the speakers.
  • Google does not currently sell a mountable smart display.

A homeowner who wanted a wall installation for a Google Nest Hub Max took it upon himself to cut a hole and fit the smart display inside, ending up with a surprisingly elegant solution that has blown up on Reddit. An account from a professional installer claimed that the installation company refused to mount the Nest Hub Max, saying that burying the back and bottom of the smart display in the wall would obscure the speakers. The speakers are arguably a key selling point for the Hub Max, which costs more than $200.

We wouldn't suggest trying this at home unless you're a certified electrician, but this owner may have made a smart move using Google for his wall control needs. It might seem a waste of the device's audio hardware, but dedicated wall-mounted displays can be far more expensive and may require some custom labor and programming to work properly. Google should take note of this simplified solution. In the same way that Google (and Apple) took control of the car interface, it would be nice to see Google take a genuine stab at a wall-mounted home control interface.

In our review, we were especially pleased with the Google Nest Hub Max, but one thing that makes this device stand out over its smaller Nest Hub cousin is the speakers. The camera for Duo chat is a great addition as well, but the Hub Max is not the only smart display with a camera. The Reddit post says that the owner uses Sonos for music anyway, so there are doubtless speakers around the house, but it is too bad that Google does not offer a smart display Nest Hub with no speakers and perhaps audio output options instead.

Philip Berne
  • "We wouldn't suggest trying this at home unless you're a certified electrician" ???? Why oh why do you think you need to be certified electrician to cut the hole in plasterboard ????
  • If you want it to work you will have to wire it up!
  • You can't just cut a hole. The guage of wire has to be to code and the hub wiring cannot be inside the wall because it isn't the proper guage.
  • You've got to connect it to a power source and inside the wall it won't be plugging it into an outlet.
  • The "woofer" might work surprisingly well if it contacts with wood in the wall and the wood acts as a sounding board.
  • If he put the cable that came with the hub in the wall he broke building codes. The installers didn't care about the speakers they knew it couldn't be done legally.