Virgin Mobile to roll out a fully customizable prepaid plan with limited web access

Virgin Mobile will be rolling out a new no-contract wireless plan, sold exclusively through Walmart. The mobile operator will be offering Americans the ability to activate up to five phone lines for a monthly fee starting from just $7 for each line. Available on August 9th, those who opt for Virgin Custom will have the option to customize everything to suit current needs and requirements, so long as you only enjoy using some of the popular social networks available.

The idea is to better empower customers (who can't afford or do not wish to take out contracts) when it comes to selecting how much they require from a wireless plan, while making it so subscribers can only access the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Subscribers will be able to manage their plans through a mobile interface. Instead of offering unlimited access to all websites, Sprint will restrict access to just a few of the popular apps. Other apps may be added in future, but for now you'll need a data plan for everything else.

Pricing will see subscribers charged $5 for each of the big sites detailed above, while $15 will allow access to all four. That's on top of the $7 line rental.

For the time being, enjoy the helpful little video published by Virgin Mobile. Interested? Stay tuned for August 8th when this new wireless plan becomes available.

Source: Virgin Mobile{.nofollow}, via: WSJ

Rich Edmonds