A video tour of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus from another lucky Android Central member

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If you recall, over the weekend a few lucky Android Forums members were able to squeeze a Verizon Galaxy Nexus out of Best Buy a bit early, and guinnkevinr was kind enough to fire up his camera and shoot a few minutes of video for us to drool over.  We know what the engine is under the hood of this one, namely a dual-core TI OMAP and 1GB of RAM, but this shows us how she handles.  Nice and smoothly, that's how.  Kevin shows off how fluid and quick it is, loads up a game, and we get the see the web browser in action.  It's well worth checking out while we wait, and when you're done watching it (over and over) hit the source link and tell Kevin thanks!

Source: Android Central Forums

Jerry Hildenbrand
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