Verizon's Samsung Galaxy S III to eventually support Global roaming

Most recently, Verizon came clean on a list of devices that will see updates that allow for global roaming. For those unfamiliar with the term, the update will allow Verizon customers to roam internationally on 2G and 3G GSM networks. Missing from the list at that time, presumably due to it not being official was the Samsung Galaxy S III. Now that the device has gone official on Verizon, they've confirmed that it too will see a global roaming update eventually. For now, Verizon isn't saying much about when the update will arrive other than to say it won't be there at launch but will come via a software update in the near future.

Source: PhoneScoop

  • Now sprint please make your s3 global too!
  • That would potentially be the only thing that would make me return the EVO LTE for this... I only travel abroad once a year tho, if that. I think I'd rather have the better display, camera button, kickstand, and Sense (personal preference) all year long than the ability to use it abroad once in a great while... The 2GB of RAM might tempt me too tho. It's a great thing to have choices! Now if Sprint would only release a high end slider they'd complete a high end device trifecta thru the rest of the year and half of next.
  • Agree. Would be a consideration.
  • So the VZW will be by far the best version to have, since you can use it on the best network, and (maybe with some hacking) all of the GSM networks as well.
  • If past VZ world phones are any indication, that won't ever really be a possibility... They tend to explicitly block them from being used on other US carriers. It's still sweet for traveling thru Europe tho.
  • The Droid 2 and 3 are the only world phones on Verizon that I know of that have a carrier lock on them (so far). Droid Incredible 2 works on T-Mobile and AT&T, all of the Verizon BlackBerry phones do as well, Droid Bionic does when you enable GSM.
  • I stand corrected then...
  • Don't forget the HTC Rezound.
  • Hey crap for brains vzw how about make global outs of the box. Its not like your releasing it tomorrow or something tis tis.
  • I would like to know what percentage of customers this would affect? i would guess less than 1%... big woop it can go around the globe, this doesnt affect the normal user.... and big red will prolly charge a left nut for the service....
  • Actually, once enabled they tend to allow you to just swap SIMs for a local pre-paid one when you travel, so it's a very big deal for those that travel often as it can save you money and/or allow you to use your own phone while abroad (not with the same # obviously).
  • ?? verizon customers want to save money?? thats an oxymoron for ya.
  • You seem to have something against VZW so I'll leave that alone, but I think their network is worth the money (if you actually need it, most people don't move around the US enough to need their coverage). I'm actually with Sprint tho (happily, until unlimited data vanishes and/or prices go up) so take that FWIW. Regardless, I don't think anyone in their right mind uses any of the existing world roaming services from any of the US carriers... Unless you're the high paid CEO type that just pisses money away. So then, when traveling abroad most people on CDMA carriers have two options, either rent or buy a phone for travel, or use a hotspot device and VOIP. CDMA/GSM phones like this and a few others allow you to use your own phone while traveling, just buy a pre paid SIM from the foreign carrier and off you go.
  • A Verizon phone rep told me today that they think they will have this up-and-running on the SGS3 before the London Olympics -- so mid-to-late July. Not sure whether the same date is the goal for older phones, since I didn't ask.
  • This is big news. I still want to see what the next Nexus(es) will be like, but I may give the S3 another thought.
  • Pre-ordering this shiznit tomorrow.
  • Will it arrive as quickly as the ICS update did for my Droid Razr??
  • yeah right. Still waiting for the update to allow my to wrote to my memory card with my VZW Motorola Xoom. Been a year and no update.
  • I'm pretty sure I'll switch to verizon from sprint for this. I still love my Epic, but I was in Europe and Africa for 6 months using crappy dumb phones and I promised myself never again. It was going to be the Evo 4G LTE, but the SGS III has more flexibility and the hardware is packed.
  • If you travel that much, the choice between this and the EVO is definitely easy... Tho Sprint's SGS3 version will likely be the same and you might be better off with the smaller monthly bill if you're out of country that often.