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Verizon saying goodbye to unlimited data plans on July 7?

While we can't be sure of anything until after it happens, supposedly starting July 7 Verizon will be offering three different tiers of data in lieu of their current unlimited offerings -- 2GB for $30 monthly, 5GB for $50 monthly, and 10GB for $80 monthly.  A tethering package will cost an additional $20 for 2GB of tethered data, and overages check in at $10 per GB used.

This shouldn't really surprise anyone, as Verizon has hinted that they would be switching to tiered data plans and even revamped things a bit last fall. The important thing to remember here is that if you currently have an unlimited plan, this won't affect your current contract, and it's very likely that you will be able to continue month-to-month at your current rate and plan. 

Source: Droid-Life

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • they just trying to rob the poor people again.... the nerve of them..... GO TEAM SPRINT !!!!!
  • Amen, Brother.
  • Yup, Sprint FTW!
  • Im on sprint and they better not follow there lead
  • Sprint's unlimited plans are their best marketing tools. They're winning many new customers over from other services simply because of them. If they "go with the flow" of the others, they'll lose many more customers than they'll ever gain. This is a crucial time for them to move closer to the top of the market. Going backwards could not only hold them back, it could squash them.
  • Well I see one carrier that doesn't like having customers...
  • One carrier? Have you heard of AT&T? They're equal in the full-of-sh*tness.
  • Too rich for my blood. I suppose there is an EVO3D in my future if this is so. I hope this is not for phones. VZW since 2003
  • The VZW employee who leaked this info is SOOOOO FIRED!!
  • It was worth it. : )
  • Like i've said before, typical Verizon.
  • It figures they would be Following AT&T's lead with trying to suck more money out of people over Following Sprint & T-Mobile (LOL Until AT&T merger goes thru) with competitive Unlimited everything deals. I moved off AT&T when they went to the Tier plan, and Verizon will be loosing my business as well when my contract us up.
  • good bye to unlimited? GOOD BYE VERIZON.
  • my thoughts exactly!
  • Wow...
  • Wait, What? That better be either horribly wrong or split able between a family.
    It's ridiculous that they put a limit on your data (eg. 2gb, which is fine), then expect you to pay extra for different data (tethering) on the same freaking phone. /Happy vzw customer since like 02.
  • I think the words "happy" and "Verizon" in the same sentence is like a grammatical error of some sort... It's impossible for them to exist in the same sentence and make sense at the same time... something like that. idk. :)
  • Never once had an issue with Verizon even when I went unemployed for 7 months, they worked with me each month to make sure I wouldn't get cut off. Even now, without the need to collect unemployment, they have been awesome and awesome without extra charges whenever I needed something. Sprint and AT&T and their junk signal and attempts at providing customer service need to have their exec's run over by MAC trucks.
  • "Verizon would be happy to take all your money." How's that?
  • "How's that?" Do you really think any corporation would be unhappy to take all your money?
  • If VZW does go through with this, as soon as my contract is up, I may try T-Mo, assuming there's a T-Mo left to try by that time. I think a Sidekick 4G would suit me nicely.
  • Don't forget the T-Mobile/ATT merger. Beware the Ides of whatever. Pssst. Sprint is the ticket.
  • No 1GB for $20? No $200MB for $15? What a joke. Verizon is basically saying "oh, pay us more, and you can get less, OK?". This is one formerly happy Verizon customer who is headed for the exit the instant his contract is up. If any Verizon employees are reading this: Get your head out of your *** and get ready for turnover. Your days as the #1 provider are numbered.
  • While I'm not VZW customer (T-Mo for now), most likely VZW will get away with it.... Most people (the rest of the world who don't read tech blogs) will not care, and simply adjust. The number of power users that require a high limit are few...maybe growing but fewer than the average joe that uses maybe 1-2 GBs a month. Case in point, I have never gone over 4.5GB, but my wife on her BB is constantly on FB, twitter, and other sites never get over 1GB. Granted is a BB so usage is limited. In a few years we will telling stories to our kids...." I remember when data plans were unlimited for only $30....", and they will thinking we are talking about a previous century (maybe their right)
  • It's not about the high limit, it's about the monthly outlay for people who really dont use *that* much data (i am talking less than 100mb/mo) and still want a smartphone experience. They are basically still lumped in with those using 2GB and paying $30 a month. Back when smartphones were new, rare, and didn't have wi-fi, they could get away with it. But now, hell if I am going to keep paying $30/mo MORE just to have a shiny screen and a browser. I am going to take my contracts to a MVNO.
  • First of all, AT&T has bad coverage. I would never switch to them. Second of all, I use my phone all day and I am still at only 1GB used, so 2BD at 30.00 won't be bad since I am already paying that for the data plan. I do not like what they are doing, but most people won't be affected by it.
  • Contract is up in december hurry up sprint start ur lte network so I can switch
  • 2GB for $30 is basically what I'm paying for now. My GF and I rarely use more than 1.3GB combined. So not much is going to change in my household.
  • Rate me down, just because nothing is going to change for me? I'm just as big a geek as anyone here. I just use wi-fi more than I do 3g. If it's a big ROM, I just download it on my desktop and transfer it over via USB. I'm sorry this makes some of you upset.
  • My chances of me leaving verizon have increased. And these sprint fanboys don't realize that sprint will also be doing the same thing. Especially once they get their "LTE" They can also say goodbye to their unlimited plans in the future.
  • I dont see sprint switching to tiered data plans anytime soon, thats the reason they decided to charge all smartphone users an additional ten bucks a month. That way everyone can keep unlimited data!
    Even with that ten bucks im still paying less then if I was on verizon :)
  • The $10 is only for 4G devices.
  • Ummm......No. The "Premium Data Fee" is charged for ALL newly activated smartphones, not just 4G devices.
  • when it FIRST started the $10 charge was only for 4G phones, but now it's for ALL smartphones.
  • Yup, you got that right...Sprint CEO said the added extra $10.00 a month would prevent them from having tiered plans for now.... but they would monitor how many people jump ship from AT&T & move on Sprint to get ahead of the game.....
  • Dan Hesse, is that you? No? Well you must be some bigwig at sprint to know what their plans for the future are... especially when Dan has told us that unlimited data/everything plans aren't going anywhere. Keep on hating just to hate, and paying more for less.
  • Yeah I am going to keep hating until sprint get a data cap. Anyways you can keep believing on what dan told you or you can see where the industry moves and watch sprint be forced to bring capped data plans. Peace.
  • Dan Hesse would never do that to us. :(
  • Unless a solid report on Sprint getting rid of unlimited data is released, no one has anything to say that they will. Scroll up on the main page and you'll see for a fact that Verizon is doing it. AT&T has done it. It would be in Sprint's best interest to NOT follow that lunacy for the simple reason that people who want unlimited data will flock to Sprint and away from VZW and AT&T. Assume what you like but with no proof, it's just an assumption. I am on Sprint and have unlimited everything, including services that NO ONE ELSE offers as part of such a package. Until that changes, I'm enjoying unlimited everything on the NOW network.
  • Verizon doesn't wait for your contracts to end the make the changes when they want that is why i left them. i got tired of my bill being higher and higher every 3 months or so. Now its Sprint all the way and i could not be happier with my service
  • this sounds similar to their tablet data plans. They will simply justify this with some BS statistic about how 95% of their customers don't use more than 2 GB, and this will only affect those 2% that use 20% of transmitted data on their network. Truth is, that data consumption is rising on devices. With Netflix, Youtube, video calling and cloud services picking up steam on mobile devices, Data usage is on the rise, big time, and Big Red is looking to capitalize off of it. To be fair, It probably is wise to create a tier plan for those customers who simply don't use as much data as others, and maybe even raise the price of unlimited plans by 5 or 10 bucks to keep up with increasing data demands, but this is just price gouging. Another reason why I'm a proud Sprint customer.
  • > Data usage is on the rise, big time, and Big Red is looking to capitalize off of it. Bingo. It's just the same as they did with texting a decade ago. Texting got really popular with kids/teens, and suddenly each text cost 10 to 25 cents. All the carriers made a fricking killing on teens texting. Data usage from video services like hulu and netflix will be that next thing to make fat cash from.
  • I think that no unlimited plans will be the trend for a while.
  • For VZW and AT&T, that will be the case. T-Mobile still has unlimited data (until they get eaten up by AT&T) and Sprint has unlimited EVERYTHING. I no longer bitch about the extra $10 bucks a month, due to my device. It's worth it to not be throttled. Maybe unlimited everything may change whenever Sprint moves up to LTE but until then, I'm happy to be able to turn WiMax off, save my battery, and do my thing without being throttled or capped. The lunacy of a second data plan for a tablet looks crazier now, doesn't it?
  • $30 for 2GB of data? Yet they push services like Slacker down our throats which can net you 1GB of data in 2 or 3 days usage at high quality. I currently use anywhere between 5GB and 20GB a month. As it is I'm paying a premium to be on Verizon's network. With Sprint for $69.99 and their Everything plan makes Verizon look insanely expensive. I guess after my contract is up I'm going back to Sprint. I just canceled my Netbook yesterday too, lol. At least I'm grandfathered in and Unlimited for now.
  • I was really hoping to get a GSII with unlimited LTE. Should I just get a Droid Charge so I can get grandfathered in LTE?
  • If they want to grow their smartphone market even further, why can't they have fair reasonable pricing, where they still rake in huge amounts of profit. I understand the need for them to cap their data when users are using huge amounts of bandwidth. $30 for the starting tier is way to high. Since they have established $10 a gb as the overage cost, why not just make that the standard pricing. So if you don't use a lot of data it's $10 a month for 1gb, need some more it's $20 for 2gb, $30 for 3gb and so on. There are millions of users out there that would love a smart phone but can't afford the $30 a month minimum buy it. Without even trying I can name 6 people in my close extended family that would love a $10 a month data plan for a smart phone. If I tried I know more then 30 people that refuse to get a smartphone because they can't afford an extra $30 a month. If Verizon has to stick it to people for the first bit of data make it 500mb for $10, and then $15 for 1gb and then $10 more per gb after that.
  • As for tethering, they need to stop this extra fee crap. If I am paying for a certain level of data every month, I should be able to use it however I see fit. If I pay for 2gb of data a month, let me use it, on what ever device I want, if I go over I have to pay you more, but why charge an extra fee.
  • +1 Whichever carrier figures this out will suddenly be very popular.
  • "if I go over I have to pay you more, but why charge an extra fee." Simple. They want to sell you a mobile wireless plan for your laptop. They all have these services. It's the epitome of nickel and diming.
  • I wonder if I buy my phone off contract and continue with the current unlimited data plan, if they would still make me switch to the new might be worth it in the long run to pay the extra money up front because I can definitely see myself using more than 2GB per month once on LTE.
  • Thing I don't understand is they want to change $30 for 2GB when $30 was for their unlimited plan. At&t at least have the customers a $5 break when they came out with tiered so why not VZW come on. VZW is going very non consumer friendly with making their 2GB plan $30, taking away annual upgrades for primary lines, and taking away NE2 which isn't as big of a deal. But signs point to we are the biggest and best so we can do what we want to and you'll still stay with us.
  • The thing people seem to forget is Verizon's "Unlimited" data plan has never been truly unlimited. If you go over 5GB in one month, you'll get charged for it. I know it sounds awful, but I used to do a lot of data streaming and I NEVER came close to 5 GB.
  • They have the right to charge but rarely do unless you're habitually over that 5GB.
  • They have the right to charge but rarely do unless you're habitually over that 5GB.
  • The 5 GB cap is only for modems.
  • Wrong. It is unlimited. When I look at my data usage online it says "(my current usage)/UNLIMITED", not "(my current usage)/5GB". I don't tether unnecessarily & I have been over 5GB way more than I have been under since I got my Droid X last year. It will only go up more now that I have Google Music & Netflix. I have never heard a peep from Verizon ever about my usage. What you both are referring to in the contract is where they use 5GB just as an example of typical use. It doesn't say anywhere that they will do anything if you go over "typical use".
  • I'm inclined to believe that myth about THE 5gb cap is bull.. as I've surpassed it many times streaming Pandora, YouTube etc day in and day out. Never have I seen an outrageous charge for going over the magical cap on my unlimited plan.
  • Where does July 7th come in
  • Those brackets do not make since considering what people are legally allowed to do on phones now. Hell just using something as simple as slacker radio a few times a week will go over the caps and thats not even scratching the surface of what people normally use there phones for legally. Youtube, facebook photo and video downloading and uploading, email related stuff etc etc. I just dont see this working out for anyone.
  • This sounds horrible but I'll wait to see what the real deal is. This smells of a deliberate leak by Verizon to see what the reaction would be. I'd also like to see how this is priced within the plan as a whole. In other words, will the charge for my minutes go down, making it a wash in the end or is the price of phone minutes going to go up too? Will there be any family pricing included in all of this? All that said, when my contract is up, I'll take a look at all comers, Verizon, AT&T and Sprint and see who has the best deal for me. I will say to the VZW rep, "What are you willing to do to keep me as a customer?"
  • Exactly. This is just a rumor at this point & everyone is freaking out. These rumors have came out before & nothing has happened yet. If VZW did start the rumor it was just to listen to feedback or to go ahead & get people currently not under contract to scamper and sign up before the next quarterly report
  • I think it's beyond just rumors but Verizon might have several different Tiered Data Plans on the drawing board and is gauging by our responses which one is the most "sellable".
  • This isn't a rumor...Verizon said at the beginning of this year that they would do away with unlimited data plans this summer....hardly think this is just a rumor....just saying.....
  • I too was hopeing for a smaller data plan for my teenager, she doesnt hit .5GB a month since I have her using WiFi at home. 2GB a month should be ok on my Tbolt if I use the WiFi at home again, I havent lately because my LTE is faster than my 12mbps at home. I'm at around 6GB now and that is the highest ever! My wife uses a lot due to Slacker at work and streameing audio on JonJ and Rich site. I have been thinking about maybe switching too, I don't travel as much as before so maybe Sprint or T-Mobile will be ok now? Sucks that Sprint still doesn't have 4G in Phoenix area though. Sucks because VZW has been great for the 8-9 years I've had them.
  • I do wish I had locked in LTE for $30/month, but at the time I assumed they were going to charge more for it. Still I guess I'm happy I locked in $30/month 3G when I look at those plans. Of course, I had already kind of planned to jump to Sprint if things kept going the way they are. I really hope that Sprint can stick around as a sensible alternative to the two giants and I hope they see rewards for doing so.
  • Doesn't AT&T have a $20 data plan or something like that?
  • so there goes my ability to listen to Gmusic for any length of time at all...
  • Who will be getting grandfathered into the unlimited now? I REALLY wanted the Bionic, but I may have to settle for the Charge. Guess I will wait until 7/6/11 and see.
  • This isn't good news for Verizon customers. There may be an exodus to Sprint soon.
  • if this is the final map of tiered data on vzw, one of the most outrageous things abt it is 30$ is still the minimum plan. this only goes to show that they're only trying to squeeze more out of every subscriber rather than being reasonably fair to allocate cost to heavier users. there should be a 10$ data plan for low users, but given current pricepoints, Id would expect at least a 20$ for 1GB plan. with that said, Data plans shouldnt be required to begin with w any smartphone plan unless it's a subsidized cost. I should have the freedom to subscribe to my own data service and or only use wifi if I wanted to. and 2GBs?!?! i know statistics would show that most ppl use less than 2GBs/mo but most ppl dont seem to realize how easy it is to rack up 2GBs. With larger apps, Google music, 4G rollout (meaning mobile content will become heavier along w it), picture/video content upload and download, basically using just core features of what smartphones are well known to be for, 2GB is insufficient. example: most months Im under 2GBs, but every now and then, to preoccupy my toddlers when they need to sit still in public for long periods, my phone saves the day. with youtube, netflix, games, they'll burn thru 1GB in one day. 5GB should be minimum. and 5GB was what I was expecting from vzw while talks were floating abt tiered data on vzw, espcially from seeing some typos on vzw's own website. & i thought, good, vzw is still trying to be reasonable compared to AT&T... instead, our plans are worse that AT&T's.
  • These data plan prices have gotten to be too ridiculous. That is why I left AT&T and went with BoostMobile (Sprint). I can't begin to tell you how great it is. I have their Android (Galaxy Prevail) 3G phone and you get unlimited everything for one price of $50 a month and their phone service is great. It is the best switch my family has ever made! You should look into it.
  • If this is for a family plan it could be good for some people who have a couple of smart phones but don't use more than 2 gb a month between them. Those people would save $30 a month. But let's be realistic and presume that this is for individual lines which is likely, in that case screw Verizon. Dan Hesse saw these leaked prices and probably did high five laps all over Sprint headquarters. This along with mobile defectors fleeing the tyranny of AT&T Sprint could have a slew of new customers coming their way, including my family plan.
  • Wow...I guess they extrapolated the data and found out most users use 2.27GB data...
  • Thankfully I am getting my new phone before then so I can at least enjoy unlimited for 2 years! Here's to hoping they don't make it sooner than the alleged date listed above!
  • If this comes to fruition and they don't allow me to keep my unlimited plan for as long as I want, then I will be switching to a different carrier that still offers them. No, I'm sorry Verizon, you don't get to nickel and dime me for doing what I want to do. You get to charge me one fee for voice access, SMS access, and Internet access. What I do with those services is my choice and I shouldn't have to fall within your arbitrary limits to avoid paying you even more money than I already do. If I want to send 10,000 SMS's in one month, I should be able to and not have to pay extra fees for each one. If I want to use 20 GB+ of data in one month, I should be able to and not have to pay extra for each GB. This is the same thing companies like the New York Times (the online edition) are doing/trying to do. They offered their content at one rate for X # of years and grew a reader/customer base and then after whatever amount of time, they're like "Oh ****! We need to change the rates for our loyal readers/customers who've kept us relevant/in business!" Give me a break.
  • just got off the phone with VZW customer service, and the rep i spoke with denied this as just a false he has nothing in his system about it...even went so far as to say that the unlimited data plan is what makes verizon verizon
  • When will people learn that the reps don't know anything? If I had a dime for every blog comment about the "phone reps" I'd be a rich man.
  • read that, and then listen for my "i told ya so"
  • Here's an example of why tiered data is dumb. I've averaged 700 MBs a month for the past six months. Suddenly I'm over 5 GBs because of the MLB At Bat app. I don't used video or audio, it's just a bandwidth hog. It's been doing this since April and I had no idea. How is a regular user going to know they're over? I understand they want to curb the super data hogs, but they're just going to fine people who have bad apps. This isn't like phone minutes. If Verizon wants to charge for bandwidth they should introduce better phone plans. I'm paying for 700 minutes, and I'm using 400. There's no way to reduce it.
  • My upgrade date is July 6th. What should I do, lock in unlimited 4G or leave????????????????????
  • Step 1: Chill out & wait for Verizon to make an official announcement instead of someone just leaking a rumor (which may be false). Step 2: Decide for yourself because no one knows what you need from a data plan except for YOU!
  • Is this for all Data or just LTE?
  • My thing is this......If they do go to this new tiered plan they need to sell phones without all this bloatware crap that connects and uses data in the background without the user knowing it. I know some of the apps you can go in and change settings but no everyone is as tech savy as others. My wife for example would not have a clue as to what connects/updates on its on in the background. I also know that this may only be minimal as far as how much data it uses but still data is data. It should be set up so that the user gets to decide what he/she wants running and auto updating. One example on my phone would be the Blockbuster app....had I not read the forums on how to improve battery life on my phone I may have not known it updated every so often on its on. On the people who are currently on an unlimited plan when it comes time that we are eligible for an upgrade on our phone will we be forced to change to a new plan or can we keep the existing plan provided we make no other changes other than a new phone?
  • Isn't AT&T being sued for this very thing?
  • i also received an e-mail from a Nicole at VZW customer is the paragraph concerning data: We are delighted about your continued interest in Verizon Wireless products and services. My name is Nicole and I am happy to address your concerns as it relates to 4G data plans. I can truly understand why you are concerned. Mr. Mann, if you upgrade to a 4G device, we only offer the same types of data plans for our 4G devices that we currently offer for our 3G devices. Any data that you stream directly from your wireless handset listening to Google Music will be included in the Unlimited $29.99 data plan. If you reside in an area that does not currently have 4G coverage, all 4G devices are backwards compatible (can access, and are compatible with the 3G network) and you will be able to access the 3G network. There are only two price point for data plans with 4G and 3G devices, so the most that you will experience is 3G speeds, in areas where 4G is not present or available. The cost will remain the same. I have addressed your concerns on your ability to upgrade your plan if 4G becomes available in your area after you upgrade below. If changes are made to the way we bill for 4G data, and you qualify for the pricing, you will be able to migrate without any extension to your agreement. Please be reminded, we no longer require extensions in your agreement for calling plan changes. Additionally, data plans are features, and are non-contract bearing.
  • I think Nicole just told you to "bend over".
  • That Last part seems VERY IMPORTANT. Seems like "No, you will NOT be grandfathered in since the data plan is not part of your contractual deal." That is something mew to me.
  • That Last part seems VERY IMPORTANT. Seems like "No, you will NOT be grandfathered in since the data plan is not part of your contractual deal." That is something new to me.
  • Well another reason to avoid Verizon. I have had very good luck with Sprint for last couple years. I will stay. Tiered plans would not be so bad, if they were more reasonable. My wife and I use smartphones and use 2GB without even trying. Just about every service and app uses data on newer smartphones. So $30 for 2GB and $50 for 5GB is awful! And I would not be surprised with Verizon if you could not share with other phones on you contract. So then it would be $30/$50 per phone. OUCH! And this pattern of separate data plans for phone vs. tablet vs tethering NEEDS to stop! If a person has 5GB it should be for ALL devices on contract and for tethering. If for $30/month I could get between 5-10 GB of data with $5 per 1GB over that and I could use on all devices on my plan and also tethering, that "might" be reasonable.
  • Will updates they push out be counted against your data usage? The Gingerbread update for my wife's Droid X was close to 200mb, using 10% of my monthly data for an update Verizon pushed out would piss me off. Also, why can't they be like AT&T and let you keep your Unlimited data as long as you don't change anything on your plan when you upgrade (i.e. don't add or remove anything/change the # of minutes you get).
  • Verizon is turning into AT&T
  • It is pick your poison between those two. Verizon is slow but has great coverage all over the map while ATT has I don't know what, but they are both expensive as hell.
  • Verizon customers need to quit bitching. None of you are going to transfer to Sprint, and none of you can because you've talked so much crap about Sprint in the past. I for one told you this crap was coming and damn near everyone said I didn't know what I was talking about. Suck it up.
  • Sprints coverage does suck a little but I'll take it over Verizon's new plans. Goodbye Verizon. If this goes through I am telling everyone on facebook.
  • As a Network Manger this makes perfect since. What better way to make the customer more data wise then to use a huge phone bill looming over there head. I bet most that are in the know will now do a better job on managing what applications they have running in the back round in fear of always going over your data limit. This will actually help to maximize the efficiency of Verizon's network and decrease the networks overall saturation as you wont have people using there phone as the new Napster. From an Educational stand point its brilliant. The first time those not in the know start downloading all the apps and get slapped with a huge phone bill they will need to educate themselves into understanding the phone and be more wise to what they leave open or download load. Which makes you more technology orientated. It pretty clever they put the responsibility in the users hand. We take a similar approach on our mail server here @ work we place a quota on your mail box of 200Mb. This forces the user to clean there mail box when they have reached there quota cause they cant send or receive once its full. Which takes the burden off of the IT personal for preforming the clean up of mail boxes as we are forcing the user to this.Put you self in the Network Engineer Seat @ Verizon and all of this makes perfect since. As a Verizon customer i still don't like the fact that its tiered and i lose my unlimited data plan, but the Network Manager in me screams well played Verizon. Until you have managed a network comprised of 6000 computers and only given a 100Mb WAN connection you probably wont side with me. Those that have been there will most likely agree.
  • OK. By your theory they should reduce bandwidth even more. Think of all the educational opportunities! Here's a clue from a former IT network manager, email users in an enterprise are not the same as retail customers. The relationship is completely different. Retail customers will vote with their feet, as they should in this case.
  • I'm glad I have Sprint been a loyal customer for over 10 yrs now and I hope Sprint doesn't follow suit.
  • I must be missing something. Back in Sept 2010, when I got my evo4g I seriously considered going with Verizon and getting the DroidX. At the store the sales person told me the data plan was unlimited, but had a 2GB cap each month. So I ask him how can that be unlimited?? He said that they tell people about the unlimited part but don't tell them about the cap until they are already signed up..So at that point I went to Sprint..... Very Glad I Did. HamRadioNut
  • I guess I'll die with my DX.
    Update time comes = more money for a new phone & contract, sounds like a double play for Red, the color of blood & Red's squeezing out every drop.
  • I bought a Droid Charge yesterday just to get grandfathered. And yes, I really like this phone so far.
  • I am loving the Sprint fanboys.. in fullforce on this one. I like how you think what you guys have now will never change because you had a good marketing campaign to gloat about it. In a few years time.. this will be the norm for all big carriers. I'm seriously led to believe this is BS though.. or Tablet pricing. More likely BS..
  • I will say three good things about Verizon:
    1. I have always had great customer service.
    2. They give me a nice Federal Workers discount.
    3. Their coverage is unbeatable compared to other providers. (Case in point, I live in Utah, in an area only Verizon covers with great 3G speeds - probably no LTE for a few years - and now I'm in Montana and except for when I'm out in the field beating the bushes, I have great Verizon coverage.) Verizon upset me when they dropped the one-year contract, but I I'll get over it. For those who are leaving or threatening to leave, go to Sprint and overtax their system. Believe me, logic and good business, says when their system starts to get overtaxed, and they need more money to expand, they will raise rates and possibly go to a tiered plan too. I guess time will tell, but Sprint does not make or makes so little of a profit, they have to do something for the future of their network. Just some thoughts from a small hotel room in Montana....
  • This is hilarious, I just switched to sprint today fearing this verizon data change would happen, and look at that
  • I'll be switching carriers...
  • I wonder what their fee is for lube?
  • No lube required just bend over and take it like a man
  • The tiered data plans won't affect our cost at all. I use about 500MB/mo, my wife uses about 600MB/mo and our daughter uses about 900MB/mo. Also, probably 95% of Verizons customers will be just fine with the $30/2GB plans. Verizon has just decided to make the bandwidth hogs pay for what they're using. Also, don't think Sprint and T-Mobile will be thrilled about all their new customers because they'll mostly be high data users that will put additional strain on their already strained networks. I'll be happy when the bandwidth hogs change to a different carrier, because that just means without the strain you "hogs" put on Verizons network, my 3G data speeds and eventually 4G data speeds will increase. And this will be at no additional cost to me.
  • So here's my scenario. I have 2 lines on my account with shared minutes and two phones. Phone 1 being a Dinc, is my main line and on a month to month basis. (Eligible for a upgrade on a new 2-year contract. Phone and line 2 is a LG clam shell no frills phone but that one is not due for an upgrade until Nov this year. Having unlimited data on my Dinc I know I am grandfathered in after the tiered plans take affect. My question is if I get a new phone in the future(Bionic)knowing I still have unlimited data but when Nov comes and my other line contract is up, will I be able to drop the second line go to a single line but still have my unlimited data?
  • all these company suck balls, theyre all the same ish. sprint sucks the hardest and most balls at once bc they have no reception anywhere, i dont care how fast their 4g is bc it doesnt compensate for the lack of reception. att is next in line for crappy reception.
  • I have one problem with this. The tiered plans they are offering are far too small. If they don't end up offering more then I likely will not remain with Verizon when I decide to buy a new phone. It is perfectly fine that they make changes to what they offer and because of the excessive use of some, who seem to have nothing better to do all day, limits are needed, but $30 for 2gigs is ridiculous.
  • Started my vzw service with the og dinc because at&t sucks. didn't take them long to turn into at&t.