Verizon offering BOGO for the Droid X, Droid 2 Global, and Droid Incredible

Verizon has pretty much pulled all the stops for people looking to get an Android smartphone on their network, as you can now get a "buy one, get on" free offer on the the entire lineup of Droids except the Droid Pro, which is probably feeling left out. That means if you buy a Droid X, Droid 2 Global, or Droid Incredible you can get another one for free on 2-year contract. This is in addition to waiving the $10 per month add-a-line fee for smartphones on family plans. All told, you would save $680 over the life of two 2-year contracts ($200 for the free phone, $240 x 2 for the waived $10 monthly fees) using these pair of deals. Verizon might have just settled the "do I upgrade now" question we keep seeing for a good number of people just in time for the holidays. [Verizon Wireless (opens in new tab)

Kyle Gibb
  • I would like to think that we "usually" see an offer like this when they are trying to clear out some inventory prior to the release of a new phone (HTC Merge?) or two. A Nexus S would be nice for Christmas too! Randy
  • I bet no new releases til next year. This is to get people who are holding out on buying or upgrading but can be enticed by a good deal. Also it gets more people locked into a 2 year contract. They want as many customers as possible to be under contracts when let phones are released so they can get people to buy them at full price.
  • $680
  • Math fail. Thanks.
  • How do you get to $680 in savings? I have a family plan with two lines. It's $80/mo for the primary line and $10/mo for the 2nd line. If they waive the 2nd line fee for two years, that's only $240. Plus the $200 free phone gets me to $440. I'm not trying to be anal. I just want all my savings when I go into the store. Thanks in advance.
  • I should have waited. They got me for $400
  • if im the only one eligable for an upgrade on our family plan, can i still do the buy one get one free? just to have a back up phone.
  • last i checked on one of these deals, both phones had to be activated. either as new lines or on lines eligible for upgrades. also since they are smartphones, you have to have a data plan for each