Verizon modifying prepaid plans Feb 1 with new $60 500MB tier

Verizon doesn't put much focus on its prepaid plans, but according to a leaked document obtained by PhoneArena it will be dropping prices on prepaid offerings starting February 1st. Verizon's current offering is at $80 for smartphones, with unlimited talk/text and 2GB of data during its double data promotion. When the new plans take effect next week, the $80 plan is going away, making room for two new tiers at $60 and $70. The lower tier will offer 500MB of data, the higher 2GB, both with unlimited talk and text.

The document specifically says $80 plan users will be grandfathered in, but considering the new price structure there's no reason to stay on it. Users wanting more than 2GB of data will be paying $20 per 1GB overage, which is $5 more than adding an extra 1GB to a postpaid plan. Also remember that Verizon's prepaid plans are 3G only for the time being. This is still a good option for a select set of people though, so we're glad to see Verizon drop its prices a bit. Stick around after the break to see the document and details of the new plans.

Source: PhoneArena

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  • Rip off.
  • One. Massive. Rip off.
  • Those who buy into these new plans like to get in their knees and suck.
  • Keep in mind that Verizon does not really want to see people on their pre-paid plans; their near total focus in on post paid consumers that, on average, spend more money and stay with Verizon longer along with being lower cost to service. This is a much different approach than, say, Sprint or t-mobile. Sprint resells its self left and right and t-mobile makes the value play along with others. Their pre-paid service exists for two reasons. First, if they did not have one they would get a lot of press noise about, well, not having one. Second, there are a few people who really want/need Verizon's vastly superior network and for which post paid is not an option.
  • Lol 500mb
  • Lol Verizon's 3G
  • $60/month for 500MB? F that. when my contract is up with Sprint next year i will seriously consider getting the "next" Nexus and pairing it with Straight Talk $45/month "unlimited" plan or equivalent. ~2GB/month data is enough for me. No contracts, value plans, phone-choice-freedom via quick change SIM, direct updates from Google, and a "true" Nexus sounds like a beautiful thing.
  • You won't be disappointed. I managed to grab a Galaxy Nexus for cheap and paired it with the $30 T-Mobile plan. I have to say for such a cheap plan and phone, I am very impressed. As interested as I was with the Note 2 and the rumored new phones, I think I'm going to hold on to this Galaxy Nexus for at least another year and a half. Waiting for my extended battery and Ubuntu to be released. Having an unlocked phone is pretty sweet.
  • That's what I did when my contract was up with Sprint over the summer, except I went with the T-Mobile $30 plan and just use skype for my calls. After tax it comes to $36 a month for unlimited talk (skype), unlimited text, and quasi-unlimited data (5 gigs). I don't regret it at all. In the six months I've had it, I've already saved more than the phone cost, and get faster data speeds (wimax blows).
  • 500MB's is the same thing as nothing!
  • I pay 2 euro for 500 mb :)
  • And why is anyone on Verizon nowadays? LOL.. BIG RIPOFF COMPANY! Glad I jumped ship with my N4 and will be saving $700 this year! Stick it Vzw
  • Probably something to do with their coverage besting every other network out there nationwide, call me crazy.
  • Yes it is the best but it's nowhere near worth what they charge.
  • It is if you need that coverage. Some people like knowing that when they travel within the US, they're likely going to get very good coverage without having to roam.
  • Yes, the ONLY plus I'll give Verizon is their call coverage. Other than that, there's nothing worth paying for. Why do I need to have coverage in BF Kansas, if I live in New York? I'll NEVER go there, so big f-ing deal. People have to realize that having Verizon's call coverage is worthless for I bet at least 70% of the US because about 85% of the year people are at home/work/just around town where they get 100% calls/data with zero issues. Why pay to have coverage all over the US for nothing? WASTE!
    Keep paying 2.5-3x a month, Verizon LOVES morons like you! HAHA
  • Never say never.
  • Actually, some people live in areas where Verizon is the only game in town: not everyone has the luxury of deciding between different carriers. As an FYI, just because you don't agree with a particular carrier, their prices, or policies, doesn't mean that you have to call everyone a moron that chooses to do business with said carrier. This is coming from a former Verizon customer that only made the switch to T-Mobile prepaid to save money: a choice, not a necessity in the least.
  • I dont have any coverage issues with my phone.... Why would i pay more for better coverage?
  • I'm with them still because of my GFathered $30/ month unlimited, if they take that away when my contract for my GNex is up in Jan 2014 then I'll be prying the Dish-Google network will be up and running by then or sprint's lte network will be up where I live in St.Louis.
  • Verizon pre-paid was always a joke.
  • I'm seriously considering switching to T-Mobile for the
    S4, their HSPA+42/LTE network will be much, much faster than
    Verizon's constantly switching between 4G and crappy
    3G EVDO,. . .I already called, they offer a 14-Day trial,
    so I can test GPS, and data speeds, and strength of signal
    before committing without risk. I need to trim my budget, cause I just bought a brand
    new 2013 Hyundai Veloster, gotta maintain my payments!
    I lovvve this car!!!
  • Don't worry people. Sprint 4GLTE will be in your area soon enough. Hey Verizon, I average between 30-40Gb a month on Sprint for less than $100 a month, and I'm not grandfathered in.
  • I pay £5 for 1GB.
  • LOL Verizon can suck it.
  • What in the hell is up with these data prices from Verizon? Do they use nothing but Monster Cable to provide the backhaul to their towers?
  • They charge as much as they can per GB until they think they lose customers by raising the price higher. Unless people leave them or stop consuming so much data (lowering their profits) they will never change their prices to be more competitive.
  • If you can't afford it or you're just to cheap to pay for it, thats fine,but you remind me of a bunch of children trying to justify how crappy something is because you can't have it. Hey, you should have bought an accent if you can't have good service and an expensive car. And to the other rant I don't have to plan my travel around my coverage. Go anywhere anytime. If you don't like it, please just quietly go to another carrier
  • Because I can't have it? BS, I've HAD IT for the last 8yrs buddy. So don't come in ranting about what you don't know about. I can afford Vzw easily with no problem. But why should I pay 3x much if I don't have to? So if someone gives you a coupon for $5 off a dinner meal, you won't take it just because you HAVE the money to pay full price? Uh, no you wouldn't. Same thing here. Why pay full price if you don't have to?
    And yes, people do "rant" on here how good their coverage is outside of where they are, but who cares? Again, keep paying 2-3x extra. Vzw loves you!
  • If you don't like it, leave. I'm not trying to be a dick to anyone here, but if you complain but keep paying them every month, they're not gonna give a crap what you say. Vote with your wallet.
  • Why do you care? If people like Verizon and don't mind spending the cash for their service, then leave them be. Carrier bashing is pointless: it only comes off as ignorant and only encourages more ignorance. "Why pay full price if you don't have to?" I can agree with this question. However, cheaper isn't always better; hence why some pay the premium.
  • Wow, really? Your comment is beyond IGNORANT sir. I wonder if you speak like this to everybody in your life. if you get this butthurt from reading comments from folks who may or may not like your particular carrier, then you really need to re-evaluate your life and the reason you're in this world. Oh also, learn some manners and educate yourself about finances. thanks
  • @ nickacs: I agree, most consumers in America pay way, way too much for a lot of things, and don't even bother shopping around.
    $20+ for a charger at a wireless store when you can get one for $4-$7 on Amazon. I really do think people don't mind getting ripped off. And about Vzn being so expensive, their prices & rate plans are identical to AT&T's, so include them too.
  • Yeah my brother spent $30 for an iPhone 5 cable, insanity, whether one can afford it or not.
  • F you verizon and your home button logo. go F yourself.
  • People should only have Verizon if their employer pays for it!
  • as a person that sells phones for a living this is a total smack in the face to the customer ... my Verizon rep told me about this 2 weeks ago and i looked at him and laughed told him Big V is out of his flipping mind with straight talk being 45 a month and phones that run on verizon . hell you get a better deal getting a contract
  • That's a sexy home button right there... And I couldn't even download one touchwiz rom with 500mb...
  • What a joke..