Verizon Galaxy S4 officially confirmed via Samsung website

Up until a couple of days ago, we've only had leaks to confirm the existence of Verizon's version of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Today, Samsung has made two new pages live on its official website -- one for the black Verizon model, and one for the white.

Carrier branding looks to be more conservative than with the Galaxy Note 2 -- no home button branding in sight. Other than the Verizon logo on back, this version seems to be identical to the other carrier variants. The same specs and hardware features are shared with the entire U.S. Galaxys S family this time around.

For the official specifications list, as well as pictures from all angles of both the black and white models, check out the Samsung links at the bottom. If the previous availability leak pans out, we can expect Verizon to start selling their Galaxy S4 on May 30.

Sources: Samsung 1 (opens in new tab), Samsung 2 (opens in new tab); via Droid Life

  • gross, verizon
  • Agree Look at the picture. Fugly and boring.... and it's posted on a Samsung Web site. Put that picture side to side with any of the hundreds of gorgeous pictures of the HTC One plastered all over the Web and recently television. The GS4 as pictured is not even worth a glance. Perfect for Samsung lemmings, though. Come on lemmings. Tell me how exciting and state of the art the picture of Verizon's GS4 appears to you. I know, who cares it doesn't garner a glance. Samsung's record revenue makes the GS4 an exciting offering. -jimbo
  • While it's not the sexiest looking, I'm sure people will be buying it for the hardware, not the sexy-ware.
  • Please. You do recognize you're foaming at the mouth fan-boying the HTC One while calling Samsung fans lemmings. Pot, meet Kettle. Y'all should really get along better, considering how much you have in common. How about this, for reality, some of us will get the Samsung S4 because we want to get a phone right now and/or we can't leave our current carriers. I've been limping along on an old phone for a while and I am not going to wait for the HTC One or the Nexus to come to Verizon. If I had my druthers I'd get an Ubuntu phone, since I already have it on my laptop. But I'm going to have to wait for Canonical to finish getting it ready.
  • The back is rough, but at least they didn't desecrate the front this time.
  • i got my hands on a tmo or att model the other day. the back case is like the SG1 more than anything. slick plastic.
  • OKAY Sprint let's go. My HTC EVO 3D has only has two working rows of letters. I can't wait to get away from this phone and my contract is up May 1st. Crossing my fingers for May 1.
  • Personally, I don't care what's on the back. Most folks will slap a case/skin on the back anyway (including me) hopefully ROCK will make one since it will add almost no bulk and just enough grip. I'm hoping to see this in a few weeks. I can wait, since I'm one of the idiots that will be paying full px (most likely at Best Buy w/ the buyback deal). Anyone looking for an s3? :)
  • Jeff... someone will take your GS3 for free being new GS3's can be obtained essentially free on contract. In a few months ebay will be flooded with cheap GS3's. You have a hot potato in your hands, Jeff. If you can get a $100 for it, go for it. I realize you intend to pay $640 for a 16 GB GS4. Obviously you're stuck paying Verizon for capped data, Of course your extra batteries, cases are trash and no one wants your SD card; all of which cost you at least an additional $100. Obviously burning an extra grand in a year to upgrade to a GS4 from a GS3 is rightfully your choice. Enjoy! -jimbo
  • A physical home button? Seriously? Come join the rest of us in the year 2013 Samsung, physical home buttons are so passe.
  • The rest of us? Obviously Samsung doesn't give a donkeys pubical sack about what you think. I think they'll stick to what the sales numbers are telling them about who likes what.
  • This.
  • Sounds like someone got some sand up their... Personally, I'm still waiting for someone to come up with some advantage for the physical home button over a soft key.
  • I'm pretty sure that if you look at Samsung's Income Statement you will see exactly what the advantage is...they're selling a crapload of em
  • Oh, and that's because of the physical home button? Wow, I guess everyone should do that then... Of course, Apple sells even more devices than Samsung, maybe everyone should make their phones smaller... Argumentum ad populum.
  • Actually overall Samsung sells more than Apple, but you're kinda proving my point. Samsung's most popular phone has a phsyical home button. The number 1 selling single device overall is the iPhone and it too has a physical home button. Clearly people in general like rounded rectangles with physical home buttons. Not everyone does, but enough people do that those features are what the 2 most popular smartphones on the planet have in common. What are you not understanding about that? by the way "Argumentum ad populum" doesn't apply at all in this case. Its nice that you know some vocabulary words, but you might want to actually know what they mean before you go around using them. kthxbye
  • Along with the sand up my cooter, I've got of couple of Galaxy phones with home buttons up there and they want to cheer you up.
  • Just to add it's pretty obvious the 2 most popular phones (and maybe 3 with the Note 2) have a physical home button. I don't see why Samsung or Apple would want to change that if they are selling products like they currently are.
  • I really hope you aren't so ignorant as to think that a physical home button is Samsung's key to success.
  • Not me, I like and prefer the Home Button. I think it works for so many different things. It's great for waking the phone and saving the power button that gets over used and on most phones ends up having issues. It is just a smart way of moving around the phone. Samsung has it right, doesn't matter what websites say, I know what I like and removable batteries, home buttons and sd card support is fantastic. Thanks Samsung, keep them coming.
  • That doesn't make sense... You want to use the most used button on the phone to wake it up, so that a lesser-used button doesn't get overused?
  • I'm glad Samsung is keeping the home button, and that additional phone makers are starting to add them. Lack of a physical home button would be a very big mark against a device for me. The only thing worse would be the onscreen buttons that Google is trying to get makers to move to. -Suntan
  • Smh… would you be so kind as to say why you oddly prefer physical home buttons?
  • I can turn the phone screen on quickly with one finger while it is sitting on my office desk then check any status. That way I don't have to bother reaching to both sides and squeezing it to turn it on. Also, I can hold the phone by cupping the back of the phone with my index finger and resting my thumb on the home button without actually activating the home button. Both petty features in the grand scheme of things I agree, but then so is constantly insisting on non-physical home buttons in threads about devices we've all known will have one for a long time... So carry on SYH, I really don't care about your campaign to eliminate buttons. -Suntan
  • I really dont get why people add a signature at the end of their comments when we can see your username. Pretty redundant.
  • Because signatures are all the rage!!! -MercDroid
  • And any lout can exhibit shameless self importance. -jimbo
  • my old droid x is still laying around my house but I love it's 4 physical buttons, they are still working flawlessly from almost 3 years ago. I don't mind the touch buttons these days as long as they don't include them with the advertised screen size like on my galaxy nexus.
  • Funny the first thing I thought when I saw the posting was " Verizon Wireless on home button".
  • "Other than the Verizon logo on back, this version seems to be identical to the other carrier variants" So the AT&T version has a CDMA radio in it??
  • Good thing for all you verizonites that its not on the home button.
    I know this is about verizon but does anyone know what AT&T puts on their phones? Was anything on the back of the S3 for AT&T? I'm in the group of people that doesn't really care (would hate it on the home button though) and i'm still not going to put a case over it regardless, i'm just curious. EDIT: nevermind I just looked at the AT&T version on the samsung site. Just has the AT&T globe logo, Not too bad.
  • AT&T Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket's buttons are perfect for a high end smartphone. Physical home button is disgusting matter. if the Samsung Galaxy S4 has the different cool looks then it;s current looks it will become more n more popular
  • Try turning on the phone with capacitive buttons. Without the hard button you have to press the power button. The physical button provides more ease and functionality. I dont care for the looks of it but when you start using 5 inch smartphones it is nice not to have to reach to the top or upper side to turn it on. That is the main advantage. If you dont like it go purchase a Droid DNA or Razr HD.
  • If the colors are the same you can ebay an International back cover and it will probably fit.
  • I personally like the physical buttons. The on screen buttons on my previous phone just made me angry with how much screen space they took up.
  • You do know that having a physical button takes up space too, right?
  • Bezel space, yes; screen space, no.
  • It still takes up space inside the phone, whether it takes up enough spae to make the phone longer or not, only the designers can say. That said, softkeys done properly by Google's standards take up no space as they're not static, they can be turned off and on as needed by the app. The flexibility of a softkey makes the inclusion of a hard key mind boggling. We moved away from physical keyboards ala the blackberry and Palm Pre because they are inflexible occupiers of device real estate. A hard home key is no different. It certainly takes less space than a full keyboard, but it still takes space And departs from Google's best practices with no discernible benefit).
  • *but it still takes space And departs from Google's best practices with no discernible benefit unless you consider making a crapload of money off a phone a discernible benefit). There...fixed that for ya
  • You're either arguing that the physical home button is why so many people by the phones (which is beyond absurd). Or you're committing a logical fallacy. Either way, try again.
  • Is it the only reason? Probably not(I don't know for sure, I haven't done any studies on the matter)
    Is it a factor? well, seeing as how the 2 most popular smartphones on the planet are the ones that have physical home buttons...well you do the math.
    And to be clear, I'm not a fan of the phsyical home button, but to suggest a company change something that is wildly successful just to pacify a handful of potential, but not certain, customers is beyond ludicrous.
  • When all else fails, resort to pure unassailable financial logic. The physical button results in a higher profit margin and Google is misguiding the development of the Android ecosystem ... the 1 andonlycheerio -jimbo
  • I completely agree with you, brother. However, the sales figures of the Galaxy S series show that the majority of people don't mind the "nuisance" that is the physical home button.
  • I would be willing to entertain this argument just as soon as a phone maker can provide me with the chance to buy a phone with a screen as big as the GS4 (after the onscreen button space that is wasted is taken out of the measurement) in a phone that is physically as small or smaller than the GS4. Until then, bezel mounted buttons are good with me. -Suntan
  • brendilon... Apparently you believe your intelligently reasoned response will change the mindless lemmings justification for continuing to be soaked by Samsung for their oversized stamped out old school cheap plastic slabs. Don't waste your time with the anointed peanut gallery. You're right. -jimbo
  • Dumbass verizon, about a month later than everyone else?!?! By that time, we should know what Google/Motorola will be coming out with. I hope!!
  • its so they can add their bloatware and have a locked bootloader
  • i may reluctantly give in to the s4. i really dislike the physical home button. imo the home button makes it look a bit ugly. why not take advantage of the extra room the home button is taking up and just stretch that hd super amoled display. that's what stopped me from getting an s3. that ugly button that reminds me of the iPhone.
  • The old SG1 didn’t even have a physical button sandwiched between two capacitive buttons. Obviously Samsung is attempting to fork away from Android. If they continue to sell enough air conditioners and televisions Samsung probably believes they have garnered enough lemmings to trap them in their own ecosystem. I believe that strategy will fail starting with the resting on their laurels and their attempt to milk enough stupid American lemmings with their cheap to manufacture stamped out same old school replicant GS4. Hopefully, Google is smart enough to not be usurped by the Korean juggernaut. At the very least, Google and HTC, for that matter, can kick Samsung's ass on innovation. -jimbo
  • OK, by your definition, what is a lemming? Anyone who buys a Samsung product? I've had 4 smartphones: A Motorola Q, a Blackberry whatever, a Motorola Droid, and currently a Samsung Droid Charge. The Charge has been a pretty good phone, except for the fact Samsung abandoned any development because the Galaxy S series caught fire. However, I'm in a position to buy a new phone RIGHT NOW and I will admit my eye is caught by shiny new technologies and big screens. So, there are several phones available on Verizon that interest me, since I can't get an Ubuntu phone. I can't leave Verizon because of contract AND because my business with them is so old I have a super duper cheap plan that doesn't exist anymore. So, what am I left with? It's not about being a lemming. But your contempt about people who enjoy Samsung products sounds a little unhinged. Why pick on Samsung? There's not an electronics developer out there that's actually satisfactory.
  • @ctk4949 the more time to bloat ye hardware, my dear! Also, you swollen braniacs are so goofah! But about the availability though...VZW better release this puppy no later than Mommy Day Weekend #nobrainergift
  • Physical buttons or hardware buttons, i put them in the same boat. the software buttons like on GNexus and Nexus 4 are the way to go. i'm never going back to a phone with the hardware/capacitive (sp) buttons. i got fullscreen enabled and LMT pie from XDA going on. love'n it!
  • Samsung galaxy 4 pre orders better start soon Verizon, on tten. Phones
  • Wtf. heads of assess