UPS Mobile

An interface for managing pickups and deliveries that's actually enjoyable to use

After hanging on to a tired-looking interface for some time, UPS Mobile was updated today with a completely new design. The interface now follows tightly to Google's design guidelines, with an action bar serving duty for the search and menu functions, with all other functions placed behind a slide-in panel on the left that is now accessible anywhere in the app.

This makes a lot more sense than the older "home screen" model that put all of the functions on the main screen, having you jump in and out of menus. The in-app mapping experience has also received a facelift, making use of the latest available Google Maps interface to show you nearby stores and drop boxes.

The UPS Mobile app is an extremely useful tool for those who send and receive via UPS, and now it's actually a joy to use when you manage your packages. You can grab an update to the latest version at the Play Store link above.