Upgrade your smart home with Amazon devices down to super low prices at Woot

Echo 2nd Gen Refurb
Echo 2nd Gen Refurb (Image credit: Amazon)

No time like the present to boost your smart home and do it at a low price. And no one knows that better than Woot. Head over to Woot and save on a variety of Amazon smart home devices that include used and refurbished units covered by Woot's warranty. The items on sale include smart speakers like the Echo Studio on sale for $119.99 and media streaming devices like the basic Fire TV Stick down to $9.99 refurbished.

Get the Echo Studio for $120, a refurbished Fire TV Stick for just $10, the Amazon Remote for the Fire TV Stick for just $7 refurbished, or a used 2nd-gen Echo smart speaker down to just $35. Use your Amazon Prime for free shipping.

The Echo Studio for $119.99 comes in used condition and is covered by a 90-day Woot warranty. A brand new Studio goes for $200, even if it's down to $160 for Black Friday.

The review of the Echo Studio last November gave it 4.5 stars out of 5 and a The Best badge. Daniel Bader said, "...this is the speaker to buy for anyone who wants to play in the big leagues of sound without getting overly complicated. The Echo Studio has enough amplification to fill a room without distorting and the aural chops to back it up, including three 2-inch mid-range speakers providing distinct coverage directions, along with a front-firing 1-inch tweeter and a downward-facing woofer."

The Studio uses five speakers to create that immersive and powerful sound, and it's also compatible with Dolby Atmos. It doesn't matter where you place the Studio, either. It can optimize its sound based on any room. It automatically senses how the acoustics are in any space and fine-tunes the playback.

Other options in this sale include a refurbished Fire TV Stick for $9.99 with a refurbished remote that costs $6.99. You can get just one or the other. The remote might come in handy if you've lost yours. The TV Stick for $10 gives you full access to Amazon's content library including all your favorite apps. It's a pretty simple deal either way.

The final item on sale is the 2nd-generation Echo smart speaker. It's only $34.99 compared to $100 for a new one. The speaker has far-field voice recognition, Alexa built right in, and the ability to play all your favorite music and fill up a room with high-quality sound.

John Levite
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