Unlock your door without a key thanks to the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro smart deadbolt on sale for $150


The Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro smart deadbolt is down to $149.99 through Woot. This is $30 off Amazon's current price and $20 better than Home Depot where it's currently also on sale. The Woot price is the best deal around and matches a price we've seen only twice before.

You do have a choice with the Woot purchase. You can go with or without the Wi-Fi Bridge. If you choose without, the price is only $130. But I wouldn't recommend that. Part of the fun of a smart lock is being able to use your smartphone to control and monitor it from anywhere. You will lose a lot of functionality without that bridge.

Woot is a daily deal site, so it's safe to say this deal won't last long. You'll also have to pay a mandatory shipping fee unless you use your Amazon Prime account to avoid it.

Get it without the Wi-Fi bridge for $20 cheaper if you want, but that enables remote access and activity monitoring from anywhere. Includes fingerprint identification, temporary codes, auto unlock, a backup mechanical key, and more.

The U-Bolt Pro isn't your ordinary new deadbolt. It has a lot of smart functions and even some unique features not available in other smart locks like the August series. For example, you can use the keypad on the lock to set up temporary access for people that need it like guests and visitors. These codes can be ended at any time. It also has 360-degree live fingerprint identification to help make your lock even more secure.

If you use the Wi-Fi Bridge, you can control the deadbolt from anywhere. Use your smartphone to access your door and monitor its activity remotely. You can also enable Magic Shake, which is a neat feature of the phone app that lets you unlock the door without having to pull out your phone and unlock it. That's very handy when your hands are full like when coming home from grocery shopping.

The deadbolt also includes a mechanical key that serves as backup in an emergency. And if the deadbolt has run out of power, you can use an external power pack that connects via microUSB to activate the lock when you need it most. Other safety features include dual data encryption.

These locks are easy to install. I recently installed a similar smart lock with little issues. If I can do it, you can do it! Trust me.

John Levite
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