UK retailer confirms black Galaxy S3, new color due 'in 4-6 weeks'

Following rumors of the handset's existence, we now have confirmation that the international Samsung Galaxy S III (Galaxy S3) will be arriving soon in black. UK retailer ​MobileFun​ confirms on its blog that it'll be stocking the black S3, alongside the existing blue and white versions.

The retailer is taking pre-orders now, and expects the phones to ship in 4-6 weeks. Pricing for the 16GB model is in line with other Galaxy S3 phones, at £500 inc. VAT.

Rumors of a black Galaxy S3 started to emerge late last week, when Samsung published images of what seemed to be the new color option on its official Facebook page. This was later backed up by a leaked inventory shot from the Carphone Warehouse, showing the black S3 alongside the white and blue variants.

So if that pebble blue S3 isn't doing it for you, you should only have a few more weeks to wait before the black version arrives. Of course, it's worth remembering we're talking about the international model here -- any U.S. availability has yet to be confirmed.

Source: MobileFun blog

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Honestly I could care less about a black version. I got the white because I've never had a white phone and I felt it was different. Kinda got tired of all the black slabs coming out. The pebble blue was just weird.
  • I am excited to see that the Black version is confirmed. White phones piss me off and I have never been a fan on Samsungs blue.
  • 6 weeks? Making it the end of September? . . . Who will care by then? That' iPHone and New Nexus Line territory. By then I'll be wondering how much I can saell my GS3 for
  • OMG, that not black, It is more charcoal.
  • Even better.
  • I agree with i _am_incredible. By then I will also be selling mine and buying the next best thing. It would have been nice to have these options to begin with.
  • Still no sign of the 32GB or 64GB versions on general release in the UK then?
  • The Black will probably be a Verizon Exclusive with 64GB and unlocked bootloader.
  • Samsung seems to be doing their best Nintendo imitation by releasing the GSIII in all these different colors. So far, I like all of the colors they have chosen. If they would have released a color that looks similar to Fords Lime Squeeze, I probably would have gotten it. I have been on a green color kick lately for some reason.